Made for Spain & Portugal

Made for Spain - Vines in the Rioja Region

Travellers with elite and discerning tastes will quickly discover that Made for Spain & Portugal is the ultimate choice in bespoke travel. This luxury travel agency works tirelessly to create personalised and unique travel experiences throughout Spain and Portugal. With a team of individuals who have earned years of expert knowledge regarding the area, each holiday created by Made for

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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve


Unfolding serenely in an enchanting Milkwood forest of gnarled trees that are hundreds of years old, the 2,500-hectare Grootbos Private Nature Reserve located at the tip of Southern Africa invites travellers to discover a land of fynbos plains and hills bordered by majestic mountains and tinged with the deep blue waters of the Walker Bay whale sanctuary. More than a

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Bill and Coo’s Suites and Lounge


The ancient Greeks called the Aegean Sea, the “wine-dark sea,” and when you sail from Athens to the sunny island of Mykonos, you understand the words of Homer. The waters are a dark tint of blue, and when the west coast of the island heaves into view, it is always a welcome sight. On Mykonos, as on all the Greek

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Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge - Norway - Nordern Lights

Lyngen Lodge is a stunning, all year round boutique hotel, located high above the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway.  With its beautiful, unruffled surroundings, the lodge combines the need for adventure and exploration with luxury accommodation and fine cuisine. Putting a great emphasis on their hosting abilities, the team at Lyngen Lodge manage to create a home away

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Bushman’s Kloof


The Cederberg Mountains stand just a couple of hours north of South Africa’s fine port city, Cape Town. They are dry, but every year a few rains bring water to the area, just enough to wear down the bright red sandstones and sustain the antelopes and meerkats that thrive there. Thousands of years ago, the San people created vivid images

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Grand Dedale Country House


About one hour northeast of Cape Town, in the Hawequas Mountains, there is a deep and verdant valley called the Bainskloof Pass, translated as Bain’s Cleft. Once taken by the Boer Trekkers to enter the interior of the nation of South Africa, this valley is now the site of the excellent vineyards of the Doolhof Wine Estate, which produce deep

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Banyan Tree Lang Co


Protected from the noise and agitation of the world by sparkling white beaches, refreshing tropical greenery, and majestic mountains, Banyan Tree Lang Co epitomises the vision of the Banyan Tree brand of high-class resorts, providing comfort and relaxation in an enchanting setting. Taking full advantage of its privileged location on the south-central coast of Vietnam, near the Lang Cô Bay,

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Ol Jogi


A 45-minute private flight from Nairobi will bring you to the Ol Jogi Ranch, a 58,000 acre working cattle farm and Rhino conservation centre. Alex Wildenstein took over management of the farm when his father passed away in 2008 and his aim is to make you feel more like a guest and less like a tourist. Other than sensible precautions

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La Residence


At the foot of the western slopes of the Hawequa Mountains, just an hour or so northeast of Cape Town in South Africa, the weather and soil combine to create a perfect region for grapevines. Wherever there are grapes, there is wine, and the hills and valleys of the Hawequa have become the home to a powerful new force in

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Hotel Maria Cristina


The western coasts of the modern nations of Spain and France meet at the southeastern bend of the Bay of Biscay, a large extended arm of the Atlantic Ocean. This corner of land, mountainous in the interior, craggy but dotted with inlets and bays along the ocean, is home to the Basques. The coastline of the Basques is both rugged

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