Abu Camp

Abu Camp - Botswana - Safari Experience

The Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta on the planet, provides an African safari experience in the heart of Botswana that is unmatched. Set amidst this almost half a million acre private reserve is the exclusive Abu Camp. Here, travellers will find the mystery and excitement of an authentic African adventure heightened by luxury accommodations and services. Named for a

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Le Taha’a Island Resort


Honeymooners and couples in search of romance and beauty have long headed for Tahiti, but the lesser-known island of Taha’a, just a stone’s throw from legendary Bora Bora, is all too often overlooked. If you’re in search of understated luxury on an island that remains as pristine as Bora Bora was over 20 years ago, Le Taha’a is the ultimate

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Vana Malsi Estate


Engage every aspect of your being in the Arcadian and tranquil setting of the Vana Malsi Estate. Nestled in Dehradun on a pervasive 21 acre demesne, the Vana and its staff are ready to create a personalized wellness itinerary for each guest. More than just a destination spa or a retreat, Vana offers an entirely transformative experience. The Vana Malsi

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Five of the Finest Destination Spas in the World

Shanti Maurice - Mauritius

Here are five of the finest destination spas in the world :  Surrounded by the most luminescent cerulean waters, the island of Mauritius boasts a paradise of epic proportions. Coral reefs embellish the Indian Ocean coastline, while verdant greenery hugs the once active volcanic craters. It is here where elite travellers will discover an authentic spa destination in the Shanti

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Sandfontein Lodge and Nature Reserve

Sandfontein Lodge and Nature Reserve - Namibia - Swimming Pool

If you wish to experience the pristine, untouched beauty of Namibia, to really feel that you have lost yourself in the savannah, you must find a destination that is as secluded as it is spectacular. At the Sandfontein Lodge and Nature Reserve, guests will discover two hundred thousand acres of African Desert Wilderness in all its natural glory. The awe

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Patagonia Backroads

Patagonia Backroads - LandRover Defender

Patagonia is arguably the last unexplored wilderness frontier on the planet, while scientists the likes of Darwin have been exploring and studying the region for centuries, there remains a vast landscape that has kept its untouched grandeur. The inventive team at Patagonia Backroads offers travellers who appreciate the call of the wild and the thrill of off road touring a

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Villa Gella

Villa Gella - Bulgaria - Lounge

A luxury holiday in Bulgaria would not be complete without a stay at the prestigious Villa Gella in the Rhodope Mountains. This elegant six bedroom villa offers quiet opulence inside, with the most stunning views of the Gella hamlet. There are adventures awaiting guests during every season including chances to explore and be active, or simply soak in the history

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Travelive Greece

Travelive Greece - Santorini

Travelive is a global destination master that specializes in Greek holiday escapes. Their unique list of elegant offerings span from the traditional luxury vacation to the more exotic Mediterranean cruise and bespoke private yacht charters. Well respected throughout Europe and the United States are a provider of the finest hospitality, this destination master has truly perfected the holiday experience in

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Cour des Loges

Cour des Loges - Lyon - France

Five styles of guest rooms and suites offer guests of Cour des Loges an array of luxurious accommodations. Choose from the simplistically elegant Small Mezzanine rooms, which provide adequate space and amenities for one privileged guest. The Classic rooms, each bespoke in style and design, offer unsurpassed romance and a seamless melding of antiquity and cosmopolitan design. The Superior rooms

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Convent de la Missio

Hotel Convent de la Missio - Suite

In the heart of Palma’s historic town centre, Convent de la Missio once provided a cloistered place for the educational pursuits of Spanish missionaries. Today, the seventeenth century convent serves as a luxury hotel for elite and discriminating travellers. With an intimate 14 room facility, the Hotel Convent de la Missio offers guests a choice or 4 guest room or suite

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