Park Hotel Vitznau


One of the largest and most opulent independent hotels in Switzerland is the grand Park Hotel Vitznau, along the shores of Lake Lucerne. For over a century, the five-story palatial estate has welcomed guests to the lake, with an extensive shoreline terrace and gabled roofs, surmounted by a royal spire, providing an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding mountains. When hotelier

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137 Pillars House


When Chiang Mai was founded along the Mae Ping River as the capital of Lanna Kingdom in 1296, it was the home of some of the world’s greatest scholars and artisans. Now the unofficial capital of Northern Thailand, this historic and beautiful city continues to have much to offer world explorers. Located within Chiang Mai is the 137 Pillars House.

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Atlantic Suites Camps Bay


At the southern tip of Africa, the nation of South Africa straddles two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. There the city of Cape Town stands a few miles north of the rugged southernmost point of the continent, the Cape of Good Hope, with its beautiful headlands. All along the coast where Cape Town’s excellent harbor resides, mountains reach out

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Hotel Caro


The ancient city of Valencia, which was founded by the Romans in 138 BCE, is a busy harbour and vital town centre filled with history and beauty.  The river Turia once ran through the heart of the city, but regular flash flooding from the mountain rains finally forced the people to change course of the river southwards with a canal. The

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Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace


The Danube River emerges from the fields of southwestern Germany and flows slowly through the plains of Europe, wending its way alongside the cities, and the histories, of seven nations. The most glorious and dramatic vistas of the entire length of the river occur in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, where the city stands with its remarkably stately mansions directly

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Lysebu Hotel


The old Norwegian capital city of Oslo lays out in a wide valley at the northern end of long fjord of deep blue ocean water, and this valley is surrounded on all sides by the vast Scandinavian forest and mountains of Norway. To the northwest, the city and its suburbs of the Vestre Aker district run up against the hills

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Belmond La Residence Phou Vao in Laos


Perched upon a hillside overlooking the former capital of Laos, Luang Prabang, is an exceptionally friendly hotel that stays true to the traditional style it was designed in. Gazing upon the sacred Laos Mountains, guests find a sense of inner peace whilst staying here. Lodging at Belmond La Residence Phou Vao is nothing short of luxurious. Guests choose from two

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Onirikos - Portofino

Onirikos offers travellers with discerning tastes a luxury holiday planning service throughout Italy. With a focus on the world class high end travel that draws elite clientele, the who’s who of the world enjoy the lavish privilege of Onirikos’ first rate hospitality and amenities. A family owned company that started as a mere hospitality vision in 2001, Onirikos has grown

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Ziller Lodge

Ziller Lodge - Austria - cosy

Natural wood covers everything in this Austrian resort. It was designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and life. The wood is harvested during specific times to gather material that is just right for the atmosphere of Ziller Lodge. A sanctuary from the world, the beautiful Ziller Lodge offers a sense of peace and communion with the natural world in their four

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Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn - Newfoundland

The island on which the Fogo Island Inn is located is a 45 minute ferry ride from Newfoundland and although at times the weather can get cold outside, the warmest of welcomes awaits you inside. The island’s people are extremely friendly and resourceful and have a love for art that is evident in the inn’s architecture and internal décor, all

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