Reverie Siam

Reverie Siam - Thailand - Outdoor

The serene Pai village exists as a hidden treasure in Northern Thailand. It seems like the scene of a colonial adventure and romance novel. This sentiment inspired the creation of Reverie Siam, an intimate resort that fuses colonial architecture and Asian accents to create a very chic atmosphere. Guests revel in the calm, quiet nature of Reverie Siam. This resort

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Mhondoro Game Lodge

Mhondoro Game Lodge - South Africa - Dining

In the northeastern parts of South Africa the veldt stretches out endlessly, the low trees sometimes rising with hills and low mountains, and sometimes dipping into river valleys that are much greener than the bushland all around. The great animals of Africa move through this untamed wilderness in their set ways, seeking water and playing the game of predator and

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Belle Mont Farm

Belle Mont Farm, Kittitian Hill - St. Kitts and Nevis - Pool Villa

In the easternmost part of the Caribbean Sea, where the Windward Islands begin their long curve south towards Venezuela, about a day’s sail southeast from Puerto Rico, almost as far as the shores of Antigua, you can find the partner islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Formed by volcanic peaks millennia ago, now covered in tropical rainforest and ringed with

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Keemala - Thailand - Tree Pool House Aerial

The story of Keemala is a very interesting one that goes back centuries. It starts with a large caravan of merchant ships sailing a busy trade route that connected the Eastern and Western worlds. Since this journey took several years to make, sailors from the various ships developed close bonds despite their diverse backgrounds. This diversity arose not just from

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Kapari Natural Resort

Kapari Natural Resort - Pool view

Located in the stunning village of Imerovigli, boasting breathtaking, unobstructed views of the Caldera, the Volcano and the Aegean Sea, Kapari Natural Resort is an exclusive sanctuary that invites you to experience the most relaxing and enjoyable escape. A 300 year old, recently restored, complex of traditional dwellings and houses, typical of the islands unique architecture, welcomes you with state-of-the-art

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Abadia Retuerta, Le Domaine

Abadia Retuerta - Spain - Resort

The capital city of Spain, Madrid, lies at the heart off the Iberian Peninsula, and some of the most sweeping landscapes found in this dry, Mediterranean land unfurls to the north of the city. About ninety miles north of Madrid, the Rio Duero emerges from the mountains of the Basque people and flows across the province of Castille y Leon,

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Nihiwatu - A pool deck and sunken outdoor dining room with a view

The island of Sumba can only be described as a secret gem, with an ecosystem and native culture that is unspoiled by development. Perched on the edge of this amazingly magnificent Lesser Sunda Island is Nihiwatu Resort. Few places on earth offer such an untouched expanse as the Nihiwatu, which occupies 560 acres of tropical oasis. The actual resort buildings

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Cap Estel

Cap Estel - France

The gentle splashing of the waves against rocky shore greets those who enter the secluded Cap Estel estate, a two-hectare peninsula that basks in the blue tranquillity of the Mediterranean Sea. A unique sea-front hotel, Cap Estel promises a perfect Côte d’Azur boutique hotel experience, with unforgettable vistas, refined accommodations, and maximum discretion. This enchanting hotel is only 10 minutes

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Hotel Duke’s Palace

Hotel Dukes Palace - Belgium - Hotel

During the medieval era in Flanders, the Dukes of Burgundy regularly made it their business to pay a visit to the province, and ensure that things were going along properly. They decided to stay in the city of Bruges when they made these expeditions, and in the centre of that town they created a fine mansion to dwell in, while

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Berkeley River Lodge

Berkeley River Lodge - Australia

In the northwest of Australia, the Berkeley River cuts through a plateau and pours itself cleanly into the Timor Sea. This is the site of the Berkeley River Lodge, a truly stunning hotel complex that offers travelers an unequal escape from civilization in opulent comfort. The Kimberley Plateau runs up right into the coastline, and the river leaves dramatic cliffs

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