JK Place Rome

JK Place Roma - Italy - Hotel Lounge

In the Eternal City of Rome, on the Via del Monte D’Oro (the Road of the Gold Mountain), about half a kilometre east of the Tiber River and the Ponte Cavour, you can find one of the great hidden wonders of the bespoke touring world: the J. K. Place Roma, a boutique luxury hotel set in the narrow shopping street

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Casa del Mar - France - Corsica - Hotel

The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful and warm for most of the year, and on the island of Corsica, a province of France, the winter temperature rarely goes below 13ºC, or 50ºF. Summertime on the island is dry and fairly hot, and the cities of the coast benefit mightily from the ocean breeze, making it a perfect locale for seaside vacations.

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Hotel Cort

Hotel Cort - Palma - Mallorca - The Private Suite

The Balearic Islands lie in the Mediterranean Sea, about twenty to thirty miles off the eastern coast of Spain, near the cities of Valencia and Barcelona. They are dry and sun-soaked, and enjoy mild seasons of perfect summer weather. The largest of the islands is Mallorca, and in the southwestern corner of Mallorca stands the gracious and eminently luxurious boutique

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Guana Island

Guana Island

At the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, beyond the bordering waters where Puerto Rico meets the Atlantic Ocean, lie the British Virgin Islands. The island nation of Anguilla lies twenty miles further east, where the Windward Islands form their long chain stretching southwards, and the capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is the same distance to the west.

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Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel - Denmark

Denmark has evolved into a beautiful country of farms, finance and high technology, but at one time it was the home of Viking kings and their longboat warriors. That seafaring history endowed Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen with a busy and thriving port, and today the city enjoys a booming tourism industry. One particularly popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen is

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Hotel Villa Honegg

Hotel Villa Honegg - Switzerland - Hotel

Chalets may be charming, but Hotel Villa Honegg, a recently-renovated hotel perched on the famous Bürgenstock peninsula over Lake Lucerne, gives the idea of a Swiss retreat new and majestic connotations. With its stunning, 914-metre high vista of the beautifully irregular Lake Lucerne and its surrounding mist-shrouded, snow-capped mountains, the hotel makes an idyllic Swiss panorama comfortably available from all

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Goldeneye - Jamaica - Beach

Located on the pristine waters of the Caribbean, the GoldenEye resort offers private accommodations with impeccable resort hospitality. The Original Villas a nestled among the lush Jamaican flora, just a short distance from the Low Cay beach. The Lagoon Villas are available in one, two, and three bedrooms and offer the combined indoor/outdoor living GoldenEye is famous for. The distinctive

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Dream Escape

Dream Escape - Castle Evening

The old island of Great Britain, home to the Celts, the Picts, the Angles and Saxons, and of course, the Scots of the highlands, is larger than you might think. It takes some bold travelling to get around from Lands End in the south to Cape Wrath in the north, not to mention the Cotswalds, the Lake District, the Cairngorm

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Ksar Char Bagh

Ksar Char Bagh - Morocco - Atlas

There is a river in the dry countryside of Morocco, called the Tenesift, which descends from the Atlas Mountains, where the city of Marrakech drinks deeply from it as it runs east to the sea. The valley alongside the river is an elongated sort of oasis, green and filled with date palms, and this is where you will find the

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Away From It All

Away From It All - Italy - Outdoor Evening

In the heart of the European continent, the Alps rise into the clouds above the flags of six separate nations. The foothills of the mountains are easy to reach, and throughout the ages adventurous travellers have bravely explored the ridges and valleys of the range, founding towns that evolved into grand resorts as time went by. Eternally capped with snow

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