The Point Resort

The Point Resort on Saranac Lake - USA - Resort

Imagine it’s the early 1930s and William Rockefeller has invited you to visit his new house on the shores of Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Park. It’s a heady time with no premonition of the turbulent years to come so you accept the invitation with pleasure and anticipation. You don’t need to be told to bring formal attire for the

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Barbuda Belle

Barbuda Belle - Restaurant Evening

When elite travellers who appreciate a truly utopian experience seek the best in the Caribbean, they chose the Barbuda Belle Boutique Hotel. Located on a most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, this luxury hotel is far off the beaten path in an area that is unspoiled by civilization. Guests seek the beauty and tropical paradise that the region is known

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Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa

Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa - Ibiza - Spain

Nestled amid thousand-year old olive trees on a picturesque plain between Sant Miquel and Santa Gertrudis, the Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa in Ibiza regales travellers with a fine blend of luxury accommodations, serene natural surroundings, fine Mediterranean dining, and personalized travel experiences. For travellers in search of the authentic Ibiza, Ca Na Xica proves a beguiling destination. Ca

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Ett Hem

Ett Hem - Sweden - Stockholm - Evening

Situated in an upmarket suburb of Stockholm and only 15 minutes from the shopping district you’ll find the Arts and Crafts hotel, Ett Hem. It was built in 1910 and retains the character of the time while simultaneously offering every modern convenience to its guests. The hotel was built as a private home and the owners were careful to retain

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Six Senses Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley - Portugal - Resort

The Garden of Eden has been discussed and written about for centuries. It seems to be mankind’s pursuit of a fruitful pleasure for all the senses combined to create a sixth sense, a sentient awareness of pure happiness. There is a habitat that procreates a collection of imperishable flora and a river that embodies just such a place – Six

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La Posta Vecchia

La Posta Vecchia - Italy

It is only fitting that a manor house used for the entertainment of guests of the esteemed Orsini Family in the 17th century would become an elaborate and luxurious seaside resort in the 21st century. La Posta Vecchia retains the elegant splendour of its Castello Odescalchi roots, continuing to provide a private hideaway for weary travellers and visitors who wish

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Desert Gate


Desert Gate serves the seven Emirates of the UAE, and Oman with its more than 2000 kilometres of coastline. To manage such destinations is not an easy task, but the combined management experience of Desert Gate has been doing it successfully for more than 75 years. Established in 2004, apart from a DMC, the company likes to be termed a

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&Beyond Mnemba Island


Off the coast of Zanzibar, the tropical island paradise that is Mnemba Island transforms life’s simplest pleasures into a guest’s most treasured memories. Here, white sandy beaches, clear ocean water and casuarina pine forests are the backdrop for a romantic and relaxing stay. Guests literally have the beach at their doorstep while staying at &Beyond Mnemba Island. The palm-frond guest

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1 Hotel Central Park

1 Hotel Central Park - New York - Double Room

You may think of New York as the home of the Yankees, Tiffany’s, Times Square and Madison Garden. The folks at 1 Hotel Central Park prefer to think of the Big Apple as the home of the biggest city park in the world, and this luxury boutique hotel, situated one block from its namesake, will celebrate the greenery of New

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Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour - Morocco - Hotel Evening

The Royal Mansour in Marrakech is a masterpiece hotel in the heart of Morocco’s most intriguing city. Here, guests will encounter the celebration of architecture and fine dining, history and lavish accommodations. Local craftsmanship blends with the highest innovations to provide the most memorable holiday experience in Morocco. The Royal Mansour presents glorious accommodations in their many Riads. These private

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