137 Pillars House

137 Pillars House, a strong foundation for a great vacation

When Chiang Mai was founded along the Mae Ping River as the capital of Lanna Kingdom in 1296, it was the home of some of the world’s greatest scholars and artisans. Now the unofficial capital of Northern Thailand, this historic and beautiful city continues to have much to offer world explorers. Located within Chiang Mai is the 137 Pillars House. Originally constructed in 1889, this residence offers modern comforts without sacrificing the elegance of the ancient Orient. Guests have the opportunity to socialise with like-minded individuals or just unwind in the privacy of their suites. There is no shortage of options in the 137 Pillars House. There is an array of suite choices available at the 137 Pillars House. These range from the intimate 70 square meter Rajah Brooke Suite to the spacious 135 square meter Louis Leonowens Pool Suite, which comes with its own private pool. Each room comes with a vintage verandah and a wonderful view.

At the 137 Pillars House, great food is never hard to come by. There are several eateries on the premises, all of which offer fresh, locally grown ingredients to ensure a scrumptious and socially responsible supper for guests.

Those who stay at the 137 Pillars House can enjoy breakfast, lunch, teatime, and dinner al fresco in the hotel’s courtyard near the jungle, by the infinity pool, or on The Lawn. For guests who enjoy eating away from the heat, the classy yet comfortable Dining Room is a great location. This venue offers organic and original Thai creations as well as a range of seasonal international dishes. The Palette Restaurant, which dates back to the nineteenth century, is a top-notch location for experiencing tasteful cuisine. The light menu is heavy in scrumptious colors and flavors.



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