A Creba


A Creba combines the essence of exclusive, serenity and natural beauty

Explore A Creba, a private island that combines the essence of exclusive, serenity and natural beauty, with tailored services and outstanding facilities. The island includes a villa with five luxurious suites in a sophisticated nautical style, spacious living rooms, swimming pool and barbecue area, as well as a fitness centre, spa and gardens overlooking the ocean.

Located in the Ría de Muros y Noia, in the unspoilt heart of the Galician coast, this Atlantic jewel is an ideal sanctuary for those who are seeking a retreat in one of the  estinations with the best air quality in Europe. The property has all the essentials to be a global leader in wellness: individual programmes, nutrition plans, "workaholic detox", and mindfulness - Always tailor-made for the guest.

Galician gastronomy is in the spotlight on the island and in the rest of the world. Brazil, New York and Japan consume its delicatessen. The chef, Fernando Rios, is part of the Michelin Guide 2023 and defines himself as a lover of the finesse of the region's products, respecting the essence of the raw material in each creation.

The island is a completely boutique product, with a wide range of choices, from a family day out exploring the hidden islands of silky white sand and crystal clear waters, to hosting exclusive parties and extreme water sports, creating the perfect blend of land and sea.

In A Creba, time seems to stand still and every moment is infused with enchantment, calm and meticulous attention. Find your home away from home, where every detail is designed to make your experience unique.