A divine route through singular, new world properties
An XO Private Story by Zoila Checa

Embark on a divine journey with us to explore some of the world's newest gems,
peppered across pristine islands in Spain, Montenegro and Mozambique. From ancient and revived manor houses in the midst of an agricultural estate by the coast, to the secluded shores of a private sanctuary in East Africa or the wondrous Balearic ambience in the islands of Mallorca and Menorca surrounded by olive groves; these Sleep Masters are a sight to behold.

There’s no question that in the realm of global exploration, every year brings forth a trove of worldly treasures, inviting us to embark on a defiant and gripping quest. Here, a confession is in order. While some countries and cultures welcome Santa Claus in the winter festivities or Christmas period, others, like in Spain, await the visit of the Three Wise Men on the night of January 5th too, bearing gifts for the righteous and warning coal for the mischievous.

At the core of this tradition, XO Private finds itself joining in the celebration too, having been gifted a priceless present of utmost importance —a newly uncovered map. This map isn't just a guide however; it's an invitation to an incomparable treasure hunt where divine finds await at every stop and turn. The only peril now is choosing which gem to tackle first.

Interestingly, the three royals seem to have paid acute attention to the upcoming travel and tourism developments, for the map echoes true emerging travel trends, telling a tale of personalised, secluded travels full of unique undertakings, wellness prospects beyond the spa, and the opportunity to switch off completely in a silent abode. Unfolding the map like a veteran captain would, we trace a route that will take us from Spain to Montenegro and Mozambique to discover small and exciting, new properties that have opened their doors to sway us away with their matchless virtues.
Son Bunyola, Sa Punta de S'Aguila - Mallorca Island
Sa Punta de S’Aguila Pool
First on the list, snuggled in the tranquillity of the town of Banyalbufar, in the Balearic island of Mallorca, in Spain, lies the beautiful Son Bunyola. Located just 40 minutes from the city centre and capital of Palma, the immense private gated estate, part of Virgin Limited Edition properties, covers 700 acres of spectacular landscape and includes, along with a magnificent hotel, three private villas: Sa Punta de S’Aguila (five bedrooms), Sa Terra Rotja (four bedrooms), and Son Balagueret (four bedrooms).

Son Bunyola is conceived as a traditional Mallorcan ‘finca’ and a haven for relaxation, offering both an all-inclusive and self-catering experience. But what truly makes this oasis stand out is how its unique blend of privacy, picturesque landscapes, and historical charm contributes to crafting a distinct narrative that attracts guests seeking either a tranquil retreat or a more immersive, self-directed stay.

As Sophie James, Group PR Manager, points out: “At the heart of the 1,300-acre Son Bunyola Estate is a brand-new luxury 26-bedroom hotel within a meticulously restored 16th century finca building, offering a wide range of activities and experiences that promote wellbeing and immersion in the local landscape and culture. Guests are treated to complimentary daily activities such as yoga and pilates on the terrace, historic walking tours of the estate with a local historian, group tennis coaching sessions and wine tastings. Spa treatments are also available in one of two treatment rooms and there are a multitude of world-class hiking and cycling trails to discover right on the hotel’s doorstep”.
Son Bunyola, Sa Terra Rotja Entrance
Son Balagueret Villa
Sa Terra Rotja Master Suite
On the other hand, for guests looking for a more private experience, there are the three individual private villas with private pools on the estate. “Each villa can be booked for stays of seven nights from March to November, and on request for stays over Christmas, New Year or out of season. The villas are perfect places to relax, with fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea and warm temperatures all year round. Guests benefit from a dedicated team of hosts and an on-site chef, along with access to the hotel’s restaurants”.

Alongside this, the estate's historic manor house is a central feature dating back to the 1500s, and Son Bunyola carefully preserves and integrates this historical element into the overall guest experience. As a definite bonus, the surrounding terraced landscapes enhance the whole ambiance for guests seeking a connection to Mallorca's rich cultural and agricultural heritage.

“The historic Son Bunyola Hotel is surrounded by vines, citrus fruit trees, almond and olive groves, echoing the estate’s agricultural past and providing home-grown local ingredients used in the restaurants’ cuisine. The hotel comprises of the main Finca and the Tafona, which contains the historic olive press, as well as several annexe buildings and two showcase Tower Suites – of which part of one was originally a medieval defence tower built in the 15th century”, explains Sophie enthusiastically. 
Hotel Son Bunyola
Hotel Son Bunyola, Exterior Pool View
As we have come to learn, the development of the old finca into the brand-new Hotel Son Bunyola began in June 2021 with a detailed historical reconstruction project focusing on the existing buildings and structures, using traditional and local materials at the core of the hotel’s design. As Sophie clearly describes: “The combination of new design with existing historical elements, such as wooden carpentry, stone arches, wrought ironwork and lime rendering brought the hotel to life, while ensuring the finca’s history is celebrated and showcased at every possible opportunity. Original features are retained throughout, from the staircase to the altar that resided in the former chapel – and even carefully restored wall and floor tiles that are visible around the historical building and meticulously brought back to life”.

This exquisite hotel is a small but luxurious 26-bedroom accommodation that saw its doors open on June 16th 2023. Surrounded by the aforementioned vines, groves and trees, the premises are set as the pivotal centre of the private estate, also comprising two restaurants, spa treatment rooms and an imposing novel 28 metre swimming pool and hot tub, with bewildering views of the neighbouring countryside and Mallorca’s famous Foradada. 

The interiors, in turn, have been styled by Mallorcan-based interior designer, Rialto Living. Every aspect has been methodically considered, ensuring the preservation of the building's original qualities, integral to the historical narrative of the local community. “The key to the restoration project was to combine these historic touchpoints and traditional Mallorcan design elements with modern comforts to create a contemporary interpretation of such a historic Mallorcan building”, says Sophie.
Son Bunyola Hotel Courtyard
Son Bunyola Hotel Reception
Son Bunyola Hotel Lounge Area
As for the recreational scene here, most guests stay at Son Bunyola for some much-needed rest in a secluded setting, but truly the property provides a variety of activities within its expansive estate, from private heated pools to tennis courts and hiking trails. “Most guests come to Son Bunyola for some serious relaxation and stunning tranquil scenery, and those looking for a peaceful location will find there’s nowhere better. However, the estate’s unique position also offers guests access to both the mountains and the beach, with its own private stretch of coastline, and those looking for a more active break will find endless entertainment in the natural environment of the 1,300-acre estate. The hotel offers complimentary daily activities for guests such as outdoors yoga and pilates, historic walking tours, tennis training and wine tastings, as well the option to simply relax all day by the stunning swimming pool taking in the views of the famous Foradada (a rock formation that juts out of the Northwestern coastline)”, states Sophie.
Son Bunyola Hotel Sea Views
Son Bunyola Hotel Views & Surroundings
Certainly, whether it’s to laze your days away beneath the sun poolside by your villa, or to visit some of the fine art galleries, shops, restaurants and beaches only a short distance away, Son Bunyola is the most perfect sanctuary in Mallorca.
Vestige Son Vell, Main Building - Menorca Island / Spain
Not too far away, in the nearby island of Menorca, also in the Balearics, hides yet another gem: Vestige Son Vell. Rising from the land as a symbol of Menorcan elegance and beauty, Son Vell is shielded by the ravishing countryside close the coastline, conveniently positioned just 20 minutes from the momentous city of Ciutadella.

While its original 18th-century Manor House resides alongside a string of old-style agricultural buildings, the hotel contains 34 airy rooms and suites located in a rich seven-hectare reserve within the estate. Outside, fruitful fields present a whooshing of citrus trees, olive groves and an organic vegetable garden along with glorious gardens overflowing with blooms and local plants. 
Vestige Son Vell Oval Pool
Vestige Son Vell, Main Manor House
Marta Madera, Co-Founder of the striking establishment, has helped us decipher how the team leverages the property’s distinctive features to attract and engage guests seeking an authentic Menorcan experience, especially given the unique blend of historical charm and natural beauty at Vestige Son Vell.

“The experience is in a way already created by the setting and context of Son Vell, our aim is simply to give it its due recognition and bring in the hospitality element into it. This starts with the restoration of an extensive 18th-century Menorcan agricultural estate, done in a respectful way using local materials, such as the traditional marès stone. The experience then continues in the wonderful estate immediately surrounding Son Vell, where we have restored the classic Menorcan stone walls which encircle the gardens. In terms of landscaping we have carefully blended indigenous plants to create a sort of Menorcan oasis. The way the gardens are structured, with many different corners and ‘garden rooms’ also allow guests to enjoy nature in an exclusive, beautiful and relaxing way. This experience then ends with our gastronomy, which is inspired by traditional Menorcan recipes and uses the finest local ingredients, which is combined with the warm and friendly service that is so characteristic of the island”, she points out.

On that note, Son Vell's culinary offerings are one of its key highlights, boasting two distinct restaurants: Vermell and Sa Clarisa. Celebrating the island’s fresh ingredients, the team creates an experience that focuses on local flavours, a fact that positively contributes to the whole success and identity of the property. “Our whole team understand and believe in the importance of working with local suppliers, suppliers who in turn understand the roots of Menorcan cuisine. So the ingredients lead us to recipes that have deep histories, which we adapt and showcase to our international guests. While the presentation of our dishes is modern, our adaption is about drawing out the essence of Menorcan cuisine, celebrating and not masking the ingredients. The success of Son Vell’s cuisine serves to reinforce a key pillar of Vestige; that we aim to be rooted in our local community in every way we can, so that a stay with us is unmistakably Menorcan”, says Marta. 
Vestige Son Vell Library
Vestige Son Vell, Garden Junior Suite
Vestige Son Vell Grand Suite Bath
But at the very centre of Son Vell’s heart lies its striking architecture too, a pull factor that has captivated visitors from all over the world. The architectural style of Vestige Son Vell is described as reminiscent of the Venetian-style, evoking the elegance of noble homes yet still managing a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary luxury in Menorca.

As Marta likes to put it: “Son Vell is a lovely example of the Palladian style, which was characterised by the use of symmetry and perspective and was brought to the island by the British. This can be seen throughout the building, its most obvious example being the columns that characterise the front façade. The interior design has been created to complement this and highlight the natural materials that were used in the original construction of the property.”

As a result, the property tries to convey this across their own platforms, such as their website and social media, where via videos their architects tell the story of how Son Vell was brought back to life using local artisans, authentic materials and traditional methods. “This is also a key strand of our communications strategy in terms of media relations too; for Vestige everything starts with the building and with the location. It shapes how we restore it and how we conceive our interior design. And this approach seems to resonate strongly with our audiences; we see and appreciate their engagement”, adds Marta proudly.

As it goes, for Vestige everything begins with the building and its stunning location, but it concludes with its deep appreciation for art and music, as well as its huge variety of local experiences, such as horseback excursions through the ‘Camí de Cavalls’ route, creating hand-woven baskets or cosmetics with local artisans at the rose garden, or stargazing, since Menorca has been designated a ‘starlight reserve’ due to its lack of light pollution. Meanwhile, in the realm of culture, the property is branded by a kaleidoscope of selected artworks and sculptures from international and local artists, as well as by delicate live music that sets the tone for a serene stay in every sense of the word.
Vestige Son Vell, Exterior Dining
Biking across the estate
Vestige Son Vell, Nearby Cove
Without going too far-off, the ebb-and-flow of the seas takes us to the shores of A Creba, a private island pertaining to the Galician province of A Coruña, in north-western Spain.

Like a blessed fort, the isle spreads righteously over the flowing mantle of blue, combining the principles of individuality, quietude and natural beauty with bespoke services and exceptional facilities. With a gorgeous villa that comprises up to five luxurious suites of sophisticated marine style, the island is truly one of a kind. Plus, it also features a grand swimming pool, BBQ area, a fitness centre, and a spa and garden overlooking the ocean.
A Creba Private Island, Galicia / Spain
A Creba is deservingly viewed as a private island sanctuary with a focus on tailored services and wellness, another true 2024 travel trend, and the property's facilities contribute exquisitely to creating a serene and exclusive environment that aligns with the retreat experience guests seek here.

Ana Pérez Izquierdo, Sales & Marketing Director at A Creba, says: “This space becomes a perfect retreat for guests who are in search of inspiration. Here, the magic of the villa blends with creativity, providing an environment conducive for creative minds to flourish.
The soft hues of the décor, influenced by the changing colours of the sea, create a blank canvas where artists can unleash their imagination. Every corner seems to whisper stories of maritime adventures and hidden mysteries, inviting creators to capture their thoughts and emotions in their work.

With panoramic windows that embrace the natural beauty that surrounds us, this house is an oasis of serenity where peace and inspiration can be found, whether by contemplating the horizon or immersing yourself in the richness of the marine details that adorn the space”.
As such, the property entertains all the requisites to become a global leader in wellness, including complete nutrition plans, mindfulness and individualised programs, as well as an insightful ‘workaholic detox’. Of course, each of these is always tailored to the specific needs and wants of the guest.

Moreover, Galician gastronomy also plays a prominent role in the island’s property, with Chef Fernando Rios recognised in the Michelin Guide. “Gastronomy has always been one of the cornerstones of our philosophy and we would like to share this passion with our clientele. Galician cuisine has influenced Spanish gastronomy as a whole and has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide for its authenticity and unique flavours”, starts sharing Ana. Besides, as she likes to reference, “the essence of health and wellness finds its ultimate expression in the Galician diet”. For her and the team, Galicia, and definitely A Creba, is a true culinary jewel distinguished by its focus on fresh, natural ingredients, making it the most exquisite and healthy choice in the country.

“We are privileged to have a renowned chef in the region that is in charge of all meals. His culinary skills and passion are exceptional, and his specialisation in seasonal produce adds a touch of freshness and authenticity to each dish. What makes our chef stand out even more is his meticulous approach to personalising each dining experience. Each dish is tailored to the individual preferences and desires of our guests. His attention to detail and his ability to combine flavours and textures make each meal a truly unforgettable experience”, she resolves.
A Creba Private Island Room
A Creba Private Island, Pool & Views
But that’s not all in this magical island, for A Creba offers a diverse range of experiences too. From exploring other hidden islands to hosting elite events, A Creba is positioned as a genuine boutique product appealing to a variety of guests while maintaining the essence of an intimate, cherished retreat. Ana is quick to highlight this: “A Creba Private Island is the idyllic setting. The island brings proximity and exclusivity to your holiday because it is sheltered in an estuary facing the ocean and with unique weather conditions, creating magical spaces protected as heritage. The island is a completely tailor-made product with a wide range of options, from a family day out exploring the pristine islands of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, to the organisation of exclusive parties and extreme water sports, creating the perfect marriage of land and sea”.
Fireside and Wine Relaxation in A Creba 
Stringing back to more earthly matters and statistics, trends are pointing towards a traveller’s need to now enjoy more privacy, nature, and put forth their mental health, seeking destinations that are as secluded as possible, with activities such as forest bathing, mountaineering, yoga and in-depth meditation in the woodlands.

Bringing wilderness and wellbeing together in a seemless way, Kisawa Sanctuary takes us on a dreamy vision of a journey to Benguerra Island. Situated about 14km off Mozambique, it floats on the Eastern coast of Africa, and is part of the Bazaruto Arhipelago. More specifically, it is also part of a national marine park home to some of the least investigated subtropical ecosystems in the Indian Ocean. And what’s more, the sanctuary is overlooked uniquely by a dramatic sand dune standing at 150m tall. There, and in its surroundings, lives an astounding collection of fauna, including over 145 bird species, sea turtles, whale sharks, orcas, humpback whales and all sorts of dolphins.
Kisawa Sanctuary Residence, Mozambique
Kisawa Sanctuary Aerial Views, Mozambique
Along with this incredible wildlife, the island’s crystal clear, warm waters wrap up Kisawa’s fine residential refuge, which includes a mixture of twelve bungalows plus The Kisawa Residence. The latter is sited beautifully within a stretch of sand dunes, forest and beach, while each bungalow is sheltered within its own one-acre plot, offering all-out privacy and prime appreciation of the immediate ecosystem. Emily Smith, Brand Marketing & Special Partnerships Manager at Kisawa Sanctuary, shares that there are indeed specific highlights and unique features within each bungalow that attracts guests seeking a lavish, comfy and isolated hideaway.

“When it comes to Kisawa’s design, the natural environment led us every step of the way. Our vision has been to blend rather than interrupt. Each of the incredibly spacious residences feature their own King Bedroom, living room, twin dressing room and joint bathroom. Plus a private open air sun deck, outdoor living room, and infinity pool. Each residence sits on a private plot of at least 100 acres with a dedicated service team and personal electric mini moke, ensuring maximum privacy and the ‘space to be you’.

We believe in inclusive design and have worked with skilled artisans from Benguerra and neighbouring islands, providing a unique platform for craftsmanship. Each residence proudly utilises traditional art forms and techniques such as weaving, thatching and carpentry, celebrating national heritage within a modern hospitality setting”, she says.
Kisawa Sanctuary 
Kisawa Guest Residence, Day Area
Kisawa Central Lagoon Pool
Additionally, it’s also true that no two residences are the same. In fact, each one contains different furniture, ceramics, antiques and objects, as well as a particular colour scheme and select pieces commissioned from young African and international artists.

“Our commissioned bathtubs, designed to echo the undulating waves of the surrounding sand dunes receive a lot of attention from our guests, as do our ‘people of Benguerra’ wooden statues created by Kisawa’s in-house craftsman, Andre Antonio Zivane, ranging from miniature figures to oversized organically shaped sculptures dotted throughout the sanctuary”, adds Emily.

Furthermore, although there is of course the opportunity to enjoy the Ayurveda and Chinese medicine offerings in the individual spa, or spend the day at the tennis court or diving centre, Kisawa Sanctuary emphasizes a personalised and intuitive guest experience, allowing visitors to set their own agenda.

As Emily explains: “Our goal at Kisawa is to enable our guests to do as they wish, when they wish. With our team we focus on understanding each guest’s unique ‘rhythm’ and how we can welcome, nurture and celebrate it through personalised, intuitive service. It is less about showcasing this commitment, rather than gently and carefully actioning it, from the heart”.

However, it is also true that the island of Benguerra offers a unique coastal experience, and the Kisawa team knows how to properly embrace it in order for guests to really connect with the surrounding nature and the magic of Mozambique. As Emily further explains, they do this “whether through guest adventures like our red dune hike or learning how to fish the traditional way, spa treatments using local honey or culinary choices embracing Mozambican flavours, to ‘becoming a marine scientist for a day’ with BCSS, snorkelling among the amazing coral reefs and observing the ‘Big Ocean 5’, or taking part in our day trip to Vilankulos for a guided tour through the music and markets of the vibrant portside hub”.
Also, she says, for some other guests it could be as simple as waking up with the sun and watching the speckled light play through the Lala palms as they take a moment of stillness and allow for reconnection.

But apart from all these activities, Kisawa offers an even more unique experience too; one in which guests can partake in the luxury of sustainability actions thanks to to the sanctuary’s partnership with its sister property, The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies, Africa’s first ocean observatory.

“This ‘Resort to Research’ initiative is a symbiotic relationship between Kisawa and BCSS, with a straightforward purpose: hospitality contributing directly to marine science and conservation. Inversely, the research output informs sanctuary decisions, bridging seascape and landscape experiences of Benguerra Island for our guests to partake in critical science.

At Kisawa, BCSS guides everything from weekly weather and tidal patterns, to the seasonal ‘marine life’ the guests are encouraged to observe, through to how the Kisawa team safely and sustainably interact with marine wildlife and the Benguerra Island environment.

In turn, Kisawa guests are invited to actively partake in BCSS research, joining the science team to monitor marine life, gather data, explore the seabed, and go on scientific diving expeditions. The resort-to-research relationship has also allowed for the creation of a novel Dive Center concept, whereby visiting Kisawa guests benefit from scientific knowledge, dive spots detailed in 3D mapping, and curated experiences based on scientific exploration, and thousands of hours at sea.

Our guests are always very interested in what BCSS is up to, which marine life is currently in season (especially the incredible humpback whale season) and how they can take part”, explains Emily.

Indisputably, Kisawa Sanctuary is a new, exciting gem that offers an out-of-the-ordinary experience, integrating cultural celebration with environmental conservation, and committing to the preservation of Benguerra Island's unique ecosystems with the aid of its exclusive guests.
Kisawa Sanctuary, Water Sports
Kisawa Natural Wellness Center
Reaching towards the end of this remarkable treasure hunt, our map takes us all the way to the entrance of the Bay of Kotor. Specifically to the dazzling and secluded Mamula Island, a carefully restored 19th century fort in Montenegro and part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Surrounded gracefully by the sea and sky, with sweeping views of sparkling waters and a wild backdrop, Mamula Island claims up to 32 rooms, complemented by a glass-covered courtyard, a commemorative gallery, a holistic spa, and 3 restaurants, 4 bars, outdoor pools, and the hotel’s private beach. Non-surprisingly, at the end of 2023 the resort won the ‘Best Hotel Luxury Suites’ prize at the AHEAD Awards Europe hosted by Sleeper Magazine, in a ceremony underlining the pinnacle of Hospitality and Design Experiences. Additionally, not long after, Mr Henning Schaub, General Manager of Mamula Island, was informed that the property also became a part of the AHEAD’s ‘Global Top 10 Projects of 2023’, a list highlighting the very best hotels in the world.

We are ready to assure you that this gem will certainly amass plenty more awards in the coming years, for it’s a truly special place with a profound touch of elegance and tasteful secrecy combined. Short stays, retreats, and intimate ceremonies… Mamula is the ideal destination for all sorts of occasions, whether in summer or winter, to rest up, discover, indulge and reboot.
Mamula Island, Boka Bay / Montenegro 
Mamula Island Beach
From creative workshops to culinary delights by Chef Erica Archambault, the property offers a diverse range of experiences that reflects Mamula’s commitment to providing guests with opportunities for both relaxation and enrichment, creating a well-rounded stay on the Montenegrin island.

“By seamlessly integrating culinary excellence, spa services, and cultural programming, Mamula Island ensures that guests can immerse themselves in a multi-faceted experience, always rooted in the local and heritage scenery. Imagine lazy days spent by the tranquil Pool Deck, leisurely brunches, and the sensory delight of BBQ Sundays on the Sun Deck terrace, all against the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that matter the most. These moments are carefully curated to provide a serene atmosphere for relaxation, allowing guests to unwind and soak in the idyllic surroundings during the day”, says Schaub.

As for the world of culinary fine dining experiences, it is the Kamena restaurant that takes the spotlight, where Chef Erica's imaginative menu transforms local ingredients and seasonal stimulus into gastronomic masterpieces. Beyond this realm, says Schaub, “the inclusion of operatic arias in the Atrium and our Artist in Residence project, or hands-on experiences like Fiber Art workshops, adds cultural creativity to the guests' experience”.

“These endeavors are designed to provide intellectual and artistic enrichment, creating a holistic stay that caters to diverse interests. For those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, our transformative SPA experiences bring a holistic approach to wellbeing. They seamlessly blend traditional with modern practices ensuring that your wellness journey is as innovative as it is revitalizing”, adds the GM. 
Mamula Island, Atrium
Mamula Island, Pool Deck
Mamula Island, Entrance
In essence, it seems that Mamula strives to, and impeccably manages to, offer a pleasing blend of leisure and enrichment, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding stay. Essential to this is the fact that the accommodation is both rooted in local heritage while still drawing inspiration from global experiences. This way, visitors can indulge in unique opportunities where they can also connect with local traditions, both through activities and the design of the property itself.

“We take pride in showcasing the best of Montenegro, from locally sourced ingredients inspiring our culinary creations to collaborations with Montenegrin artisans and producers.

Throughout the design process, we drew inspiration from local artist trades, minimalist mid-century style, and abstract fine art, creating a modern reinterpretation of a retreat. Each room features curated artworks by Montenegrin and regional artists.

As a unique hotel-island, Mamula Island became an inspiring stage for most diverse cultural events. We are genuinely enthusiastic to welcome the opportunity of hosting and sponsoring initiatives and events that support local artists, symbolize national identity and preserve cultural heritage of the local community and the Montenegrin people.

For instance, our classical music programming is curated in cooperation with the Montenegrin Operosa Music Festival, a collaboration that spans years. We host events combining unique Montenegrin and international opera talent with the rich local and cultural heritage. One of my favorite events this season was a recital of Montenegrin poetry and song, accompanied by a contemporary dance performance in collaboration with the Ballet ensemble of the National Theatre in Belgrade”, says Schaub.
Moreover, the hotel also hosts an artist-in-residence project, whereby interactive art projects inspired by nature, local heritage, architecture, rituals, and hospitality are offered. Schaub points out that these projects deliver engaging encounters with artists, inviting guests and visitors to open their minds and savour the true essence of Mamula Island.

Additionally, he says: “Through various workshops like fiber arts, reviving ancient techniques in modern environments, and lace-making, we offer a unique way to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Boka Bay. These hands-on experiences bring the community together, fostering a deeper connection to our cultural roots”.

Also at the centre stage of the hotel-island’s heart lies its gastronomic proposal, matchless in all its fronts. Chef Erica Archambault's vision is a concoction of modern interpretations and local, seasonal influences, resulting in Mamula’s culinary voyage revolving around Montenegrin flavors, capturing the unique vibe of the sumptuous Peninsula.

“Chef Archambault's personal touch infuses warmth and comfort into the culinary journey. Kamena, our casual fine dining, offers a six-course menu seamlessly weaving the bounties of the sea and richness of local vegetables, enhanced through French cooking techniques.

We grow all our fruits and vegetables with local farms. Consequently, we only offer what is in season, ensuring high quality by securing reduced transportation time, preserving the freshness and flavour of our ingredients. Fish is caught by local fishermen who exclusively supply fish for Mamula Island”, explains director Schaub.
Mamula Island, Jacuzzi Suite
At the same time, for a social experience, the buzz lives in the pool deck, where the team presents a dynamic feast from sharing plates to à la carte menus. Here, we are told, the Mains focus on meat, fish and homemade pasta, while at the Sun Deck, with its wood-oven baked delicacies using slow-fermented dough, creativity is celebrated through the reimagining of traditional dishes. For Schaub, “highlights include fish carpaccio or tartar, light salads, etc.”.

And just like that, our divine journey through the latest new gems has come to an end – for now. We’ve made our prints from Spain to Montenegro, unraveling the secrets of five exclusive properties that are small in size, but larger than life when it comes to its spirit and virtues, all of which echo the celestial symphony of serene privacy, personalised undertakings, and a wellness experience beyond the imaginable in a place encased by the wondrous sea.
Mamula Island, Sun Deck Terrace
Mamula Island, Aerial View
Zoila Checa
Zoila's true passion lies in the art of storytelling, whether that is in print, online, or on screen. Bilingual in English and Spanish since she was born, and versatile by nature, she has a professional background in journalism, travel writing, and screen acting, all of which have led her to live and work in places like London, Madrid, Ibiza and Los Angeles. For Zoila, writing serves as an ingenious channel to convey her profound love for soulful travel, singular cultures, and their transformative impact. She currently resides in Mallorca, her native island in Spain.