A-One - A rental platform for exclusive homes with tailored services in Oslo

A-One, founded in 2021 by Marianne Wollan and Eric Horne, is a new and holistic way of experiencing Oslo as a destination.   

Their purpose is to provide guests with the luxury of a whole new quality of life. Whether you are spending that valuable time with a partner, your family or a close group of friends, they will make sure all your needs and wishes are fulfilled throughout the stay.  

A-One provides bespoke, high-end, and unique living spaces adapted to serve all your requirements. They do so by carefully selecting homes that fulfill the WELL-standards, and make sure they are built to provide ideal living conditions for both body and mind. This entails optimal air and water quality, with lighting adapted to improve your energy, mood and productivity. Soothing textures, colours, and materials come together to create a distraction-free atmosphere engaging the senses and boosting productivity.   

The A-One spaces also encourage a holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle, by providing healthier food choices, and opportunities for activities, exercise, and hikes.   

Imagine the softness of a plush carpet underfoot, the cool smoothness of marble countertops, or the warmth of wooden furniture. These are key elements turning your space into a haven of comfort, aesthetic vision and sensory pleasure. Explore the tactile and visual experiences both within and outside of your space, as you have time to just exist and enjoy the opportunities offered.   

A concierge is available at your disposal, and everything from the interior to the space itself is available for purchase. If you want to stay forever, the choice is yours.