Abadia Retuerta, Le Domaine

Abadia Retuerta, Le Domaine, comfort in the Vineyards of Castille Y Leon where Monks once toiled

The capital city of Spain, Madrid, lies at the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, and some of the most sweeping landscapes found in this dry, Mediterranean land unfurls to the north of the city. About ninety miles north of Madrid, the Rio Duero emerges from the mountains of the Basque people and flows across the province of Castille y Leon, where it provides the perfect nourishment for crops of olives, almonds, and grapes. In the 12th Century, on the eastern shore of the river, the daughter of Lord of the nearby city of Valladolid, Doña Mayor, granted the Catholic Church a large tract of vineyards. The monks quickly erected a huge estate. Their buildings and fields survived the centuries, through the marches of El Cid and the invasions of Napoleon, and have now become the grand and luxurious Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine Hotel.

Today, the three-story mansion provides visitors from around the world complete luxury and bespoken comfort, while the vineyards continue to produce outstanding wines of all kinds. All the benefits of the digital age have been renovated into the structure of the estate, while the old wine cellars continue to serve the vineyards as they did 1000 years ago, making the hotel a wonderful blend of the grand old ways, the high tech new, and the lavish style of the deluxe five-star hotelier. The Romanesque and Baroque architecture and design of the ancient estate was lovingly adapted to modern capabilities by architect Marco Serra. The grounds of the estate cover more than 1,700 acres, with extensive vineyards, and several other excellent wineries share the riverbanks of the region with the hotel.


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