The finest success stories are usually those which originate from a genuine friendship between passionate individuals who share the same ideas, values, drive and vision. This one is no different.

After a most enjoyable as well as successful cooperation spanning over two decades, Astrid Oberhummer, Andreas Müller and Yvan Vermeesch decided to take their business venture to the next level.

Wanting to do things differently, relentlessly innovating with exciting new ideas and concepts, always delivering on promises made and fully embracing the future whilst never compromising on quality is the core foundation of this cooperation.

Furthermore, a combination of their respective knowhow, networks and creativity made perfect sense in every possible way and will ultimately lead to a 1 + 1 = 3 outcome.

One of the first tangible results of this thrilling merger is the further development of the XO Private site into becoming the ultimate, one-stop source of inspiration for all those travel trade professionals and passionate travellers alike wishing to design escapes and journeys that are truly out of the ordinary.

We hope you will enjoy it as much we loved putting it together for you.

Astrid, Andreas & Yvan