Absolute Sicilia


Absolute Sicilia, creator of exclusive travel experiences in Sicily

Travelling with Absolute Sicilia, a travel company creating private and exclusive journeys in Sicily, is a personal experience and offers a new concept of luxury travel. A team of travel specialists, with a deep knowledge of the island, guarantee an insider access to the best Sicily has to offer and provides an unsurpassed service and on-the-ground spontaneity which result in once-in-a-lifetime journeys. Its team’s knowledge of Sicily’s most inspiring places is unrivalled. They are experienced, accurate and discerning as they believe travel is one of life’s ultimate joys which never fails to thrill them and expand their perspectives, filling them with wonder and gratitude.

Named by Forbes and by partners “the top luxury travel advisor in the region” but also nominee and winner of some international Film Festival awards for the production of its “Sicilian Rhapsody” travel web-series, Absolute Sicilia is the luxury brand of Tour Plus Sicilia, leader DMC since 1996. Its main aim is to tailor-made truly unique and innovative travel experiences and bring them to discerning clients. This, to help travellers to make the most of their precious time off and give them what they want, before they even know what they want. Personalized trips, expert guides, amazing gourmet experiences, best properties and exclusive benefits.