Ad Pugliam


Ad Pugliam - Discover Puglia with expert advice and authentic experiences

Ad Pugliam is a DMC established in 2009 in Puglia and offers incomparable immersive journeys into the cultures of Southern Italy and beyond. They specialise in highly experiential and tailor-made travels, intimate culinary & cooking tours and unique local experiences. Their expertise expands to the full management of weddings and events. They custom design trips that meet your guests’ unique desires to guarantee an unforgettable vacation!

Their extensive knowledge of the territories where they operate has provided them the necessary experience to select the very best locations and suppliers in order to be able to offer the highest level of services. They are here to listen to your preferences and create the perfect trip to tell your story.

Puglia and Basilicata are the perfect holiday destinations, offering some of Italy’s loveliest beaches but also a sublime climate, a genuine feeling of authenticity, a series of fascinating towns, a number of important archaeological sites and…an excellent culinary tradition bristling with local specialties!

Whether you want to join one of their extraordinary culinary adventures, be inspired by one of irresistible picnics in the middle of countryside, or party for an entire week with them, they have a flavour of adventure to suit every palate.