italy – sleep & WELLNESS MASTER

A hideaway for unwinding, unplugging and reviving

ADLER Lodge RITTEN is a sanctuary where you can arrive, switch off, and refresh. A place like this may only be found once in a lifetime: a glade in the forest with unobstructed views of the Dolomites. It blends harmoniously into the landscape of the Renon, an alpine plateau high above the rooftops of Bolzano in South Tyrol.

A natural design with sustainably sourced spruce, high ceilings and large glass facades creates a feeling of freedom and lightness. Following the principles of relaxed luxury in tune with a sense of place, this refuge immediately captivates you with its charm.

In the forest spa, guests experience the power of nature, enveloped by the scents of the conifers. They may take a sauna under the treetops in the WaldSpa or swim towards the mountains in the heated infinity pool, all while listening to the whispers from the woods.

The mild climate offers ideal conditions for year-round outdoor activities. Guests can join a guided hike or bike tour along alpine pastures, surrender to the call of the mountains, or take the funicular down to the city centre of Bolzano. It is all just a stone’s throw away!

During the day, the kitchen and bar team will tempt all with delicacies and fine drinks from the Lodge’s all-inclusive offer. In the evening, a refined 5-course menu under the starry sky is available to enjoy. Here’s where one can find a calmer and happier version of themselves.