Adriatic Concierge


Enjoy most memorable experiences throughout the Balkan peninsula

Looking for a company that can cover an entire range of travel arrangements and concierge services? If you are visiting former Yugoslav republics, the Adriatic Concierge might be just the thing you are looking for. The company focuses on delivering the ultimate holiday experience that meets the standards of most demanding visitors. Those who stay in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, or Bosnia and Hercegovina get VIP treatment, regardless of the nature of their visit. The service is royal-like from the moment you set foot in this charming region. Personal hosts welcome you at the location of your arrival and take you to the desired destination. And Adriatic Concierge is happy to provide recommendations for the best hotels and villas in the region and to book them for you.

What’s more, the company organises exclusive transportation for you. Be it private chauffeurs, luxury yachts, or private jets – you can get them in any time. Private bespoke tours will be tailored specially following your needs and preferences. With Adriatic Concierge you’re not just a guest, but rather a member of a special club. As such, the company presents you with offers that perfectly match individual needs, styles, and preferences. Want to make reservations at impossible-to-book venues? No, problem – Adriatic Concierge with its offices in both Croatia as well as Montenegro has got you covered. So, don’t hesitate to check out all the details.