Adventure International

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Adventure International - Outfitting solutions in Africa, Asia, and the Americas by true adventure experts

Adventure International designs unique journeys to the world’s most extraordinary places, tailored from the knowledge of true adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. They focus on supporting the travel industry with outfitting solutions in Africa, Asia, and the Americas - where they have their own in-country operations for trekking and adventure programs.

Over a decade of experience curating trips ensures that clients are very well taken care of with highly qualified and trained guides. They have covered the globe developing consistent product and have amazing partners in place to deliver top notch adventures for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for an unparalleled wilderness adventure, an extreme physical challenge that tests and broadens your limits, or an idyllic escape from the day-to-day grind, Adventure International can help make these goals a reality. As a premier adventure travel specialist, they offer a full range of travel services to the world’s most magnificent locations.

They have offices in the United States of America, Canada, Holland, East Africa, Peru and Nepal, and they run their own operations in East Africa, the Himalayas and South America.

Their authenticity and expertise comes from an extensive background as guides, trip leaders, and managers. Every journey with AI is designed and led by professionals who truly know about adventure travel, with the team going above and beyond to create a dynamic, comfortable, and well-managed trip.

They are also proud to be one of the most ethical and socially responsible adventure travel companies, which they achieve with meaningful, supportive relationships and partnerships in the areas their guests visit. They adhere to strict ‘trash in trash out’ principles and became the first company in East Africa to participate in Carbon off-sets that create incentives for natural forest conservation at the grassroots level. Their local and international guides are extensively trained and highly qualified with Wilderness First Responder certifications and thorough wildlife knowledge in the bush.