Adventures in Northern Italy


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Conceived by Rebecca and David Leibowitz, Adventures in Northern Italy designs and operates exciting tours and events in Northern Italy's most beautiful cities and spectacular countryside, all tailored to individual tastes and interests. Endowed with a colorful and quite varied history, and an immense artistic and musical heritage, Northern Italy also boasts an incredible variety of landscapes, from the majestic Po River to the celebrated canals of Venice. Deep mountain lakes and the rugged peaks of the Dolomites give way to the gentle hills of the Monferrato and the Langhe, famous for their truffles. Such diversity produces robust wines and culinary specialties not found anywhere else on the planet, so it is no wonder that Northern Italians treasure their home, sharing their secrets more generously with those who are willing to venture off the beaten path.

David is an American with a real passion and extensive knowledge of Italian history and culture; Rebecca is a Milanese native who admits she would need several lifetimes to be able properly explore her land of origin. They love welcoming guests to discover the art treasures of historic city centers like Mantua, stroll along stunning terraced vineyards above the Mediterranean Sea, meander through villages that are ‘close to but so far from’ Cinque Terre, participate in hands-on cooking classes with a local chef, or simply enjoy a leisurely lunch in a charming hill town near Barolo accompanied by exquisite wine.