Adventures in Jewish Italy

Italy - destination master

Adventures in Jewish Italy is the premier Jewish tour operator and events planner in Italy

Jews have resided in Italy for over twenty-two centuries and have settled in almost every region of the peninsula, taking in the cultural and artistic sensibility of local cultures and generating continuous exchanges in art, literature as well as gastronomy. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the territory and collaboration with exceptional local people, AIJI designs personalized and small-group itineraries from in-depth cultural experiences to eno-gastronomic explorations, from active excursions to relaxing villa stays, assuring superior customer care service. AIJI is also capable of serving Jewish clientele of all religious levels regarding kashrut as well as for the execution of special events.

Indeed, Adventures in Jewish Italy was conceived by Rebecca and David Leibowitz to celebrate the immense and living Italian-Jewish patrimony and to solve the challenges connected to kosher travel in the Bel Paese. AIJI facilitates the selection of more kosher friendly hotels and villas, steps in making a property ready to welcome observant guests, arranges and coordinates all activities from a simple tour of cultural landmarks to more special activities, such as ad-hoc cooking classes, visit to the lab of local artisans, private after-hours tours of museums and historic synagogues or meeting with eminent members of the Italian-Jewish communities.

David is an American with a real passion and extensive knowledge of the Italian history and culture, Rebecca an Italian Jew making them the perfect cultural bridge for curious travelers to discover the fascinating Jewish-Italian heritage while enjoying the much-appreciated Italian culture and life-style.