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Discover a new way of flying: Aero redefines the travel experience

Since launching in 2019, Aero has been on a mission to redefine air travel for the modern-day vanguard.

The brand’s 16-seater luxury planes allow passengers to relish in all the benefits of private air travel, such as a dedicated concierge service to curate a bespoke experience for each passenger, and the use of private terminals minimising travel time, at a fraction of the usual jet-chartering price.

The Aero planes also feature custom-designed interiors that maximise comfort for every passenger. Aero offers overall a radically better leisure travel experience, minimizing travel time and maximizing holiday time.

New Europe routes have just landed - travel from London to Nice, Geneva, and Sion. For travellers in the US, reserve your seat on newly launched winter flights from LA to Aspen, Sun Valley, and Los Cabos - or from SF to Los Cabos.