Ahilya by the Sea

Resplendent luxury in Goa at Ahilya by the Sea

A trip to Goa offers elite travellers a new perspective on India and the Persian Gulf. Where the Arabian Sea meets the Nerul and Mandovi rivers, the Ahilya by the Sea Hotel and Resort is unlike any other retreat in the world. Created by Leela Ellis, the enigmatic owner who brought luxury to India with the Ahilya Fort Hotel in Maheshwar, this resort offers the ultimate in intimacy. Each guest is treated to hospitality and pleasure, concepts as common as the air we breathe.

Once the site of Portuguese custom homes, Ahilya by the Sea Hotel and Resort now provides travellers with a superior mix of Goan and Indonesian style. Each of the residences was lovingly converted into a unique place for exploration and relaxation. The hotel offers picturesque views of the Arabian Sea along with Dolphin Bay and the entrance to Old Goa.

The buildings are an endearing walk through history, utilizing the hand-hewn red laterite rocks that are local to the area, each edifice is magnificent in its own right. Mere steps from the hotel, guests will find lush gardens, two lap pools, an infinity pool, and a cultivated grove of rare tropical plants and palms. Guests who desire calm and quiet will discover a quiescent destination that allows for reflection and pure bliss.


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