Ahipara Luxury Travel

Ahipara connects travellers with New Zealand

The world grew smaller when the telephone and the airplane came along, but it took a Hollywood version of an Oxford’s professor’s trilogy of fantasy novels for the rest of the world to discover New Zealand. Since that glorious production, filmed entirely on the soils of the island nation, bespoke touring and luxury hotels have blossomed throughout the region. Ahipara is the country’s foremost bespoken touring outfit, ready to guide you to the islands’ roughest terrains or their most luxurious urban resorts. In 1998, Jean-Michel and Karen Jefferson were new parents in search of a way of life. They headed for Karen’s birthplace, the city of Auckland, New Zealand, and soon founded Ahipara. Today Ahipara brings years of experience to the world of luxury touring, pairing eco-tour adventures with challenging explorations throughout the island nation. The outfit will be glad to arrange your stay at one of the top luxury hotels of New Zealand, which is now the site of several five-star residences, including the oldest and most renowned establishments, the Huka Lodge. A close review of your interests gives Ahipara the data it needs to offer the perfect residence to match your budget and your itinerary goals.

Whether luxuriating in the lavish European comforts of the Otahuna Lodge near Canterbury, luxury camping at Minaret Station, in the high country above Wanaka or pursuing salmon and trout in the Poronui-Taupo fishing lodge, Ahipara will provide you with bespoken comfort in one of the most unexplored nations of the Pacific. The Jeffersons and Ahipara are proud to offer encounters with the Maori people outside of the popular Haka crowd performances, on a more intimate and meaningful level. A bespoken introduction to these individuals begins with the explanation that the word “Maori” refers to an overall culture, but the people themselves prefer to be referred to by their tribal associations. Ahipara is the true bespoke touring outfit, providing its clientele with unique experiences and luxurious comfort wherever on the islands they may roam.


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