Air Combat USA

Be a Fighter Pilot for a Day with Air Combat USA

Have an exhilarating experience of a lifetime with Air Combat USA – the original civilian dogfighting school. This is no relaxing retreat, but an extreme retreat that will satisfy even the most hard-core of thrill-seekers. Fly real military fighter planes and battle it out in the skies. Perform maneuvers and take down your opponents. Each mission is designed to be as real as possible (except the bullets, of course!) and a patented electronic tracking system, complete with sound effects, will tell you when you have hit an opponent. There will even be smoke trailing from the hit aircraft. The realism is astounding, from the flying to the sights and sounds. It is truly an experience like no other. You will be fitted with a flight suit, helmet, and a parachute, and your adventure begins with ground school. Learn tactical maneuvers and the necessary skills required. Depending on the package chosen, you will get to learn how to do moves like ‘g-pulling’, ‘high and low yo-yo’s’, and gunsight tracking. Ground school will also cover the essentials like safety, understanding of the aircraft, and rules of engagement.

Air Combat USA uses specially selected aircraft, like the Marchetti SF260, a high-performance aircraft that is capable of withstanding high G, and is fully aerobatic. The instructors are highly-trained with years of experience. They will guide you throughout your adventure, ensuring your safety and that your flight is filled with lots of fun. All aircraft are fitted with high-end digital cameras that will capture your experience in the cockpit, perfect for reliving the thrilling exploits. Once the mission is completed, guest-pilots will return to the home base for a post-flight debrief. There, videos of the mission will be played and the instructor pilots will talk you through what had just happened, and give tips and insights.

Safety is paramount so you can be assured that all aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and that the personnel is all comprehensively trained. No pilot’s license is necessary as you will be in the presence of licensed fighter pilots in the cockpit.

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