Akhom Consulting

MIDDLE EAST – representation MASTER

Akhom Consulting speaks the language of global diversity

Akhom is a dynamic consulting firm specializing in helping luxury travel and tourism organizations to maximize their potential and profit through innovative solutions and implementations. As a regional Sales and Marketing office in the Middle East and with a team of unsurpassed experience, knowledge, and passion for the travel business, the company focus on maximizing the results in the shortest period by identifying the trends of the highly competitive tourism industry and react respectively with in-depth knowledge, expertise, and stamina.

Offering seamless professional solutions within the sales and marketing function from Sales and Marketing Representation in the Middle East region, Marketing and Communications, Sales Consultancy, Executive Coaching and Training, to Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Management.

Akhom Consulting has been privileged to work with some of the most prestigious clients in the world. For some, they provide an all-encompassing service, and for others, strategic bespoke projects that cater to a specific need. In all instances, Akhom’s team strives to rapidly align with the client’s objectives and cut through the clutter to achieve results.