Albania Holidays DMC


Discover the fascinating and upcoming destination Albania with Albania Holidays DMC

Albania is a charming destination right next to Italy, Greece and Croatia and yet it remains wrapped in mystery due to its recent history which shielded the country from contact with the outside world. Its history is ancient and fascinating, its landscapes and coastline are absolutely breath-taking, and its cuisine is delicious combining Mediterranean, Italian, Turkish influences and organic ingredients. Its people are genuinely hospitable.

Albania Holidays DMC provides exceptional travel services for the discerning traveller to Albania and the Western Balkans, a region still left unexplored. The company focuses on travellers’ needs and wants, to provide the best expert advice and tailor-made solutions that best fit their wishes. Every guest’s request becomes a personal challenge for the professional team which will go to great lengths to provide these well-seasoned travellers with the most authentic experiences.

From luxury 4×4 excursions to authentic picnics, from deluxe speedboats to privately home-cooked meals by the fireplace, from helicopter bird eye view rides to private bunker visits, Albania Holidays DMC promises to pleasantly surprise you at every corner. Their passion, creativity, fast communication and attention to detail make the difference when it comes to having a memorable experience. So does Albania Holidays DMC’s close relationship with suppliers who help deliver travel experiences that go above and beyond the standard.

Take a chance on this enchanting country and we promise that you may come as a visitor but will definitely leave as a friend.