Amanzoe, bespoke splendour at the Argolida Peninsula

If you fly southwest from the renowned capital of Greece, Athens, you will soon come to the Argolida Peninsula, a spur of Greek land jutting into the Saronic Gulf from the eastern side of the larger Pelopennese landscape. On the far side of this large promontory, isolated and sun-baked, you will find Amanzoe, by the beaches of the Argolic Gulf, along the Aegean Sea. Any traveller with a sense of adventure will enjoy the location of this wonderful luxury hotel and spa, and the resort will be glad to offer you the best in bespoken programmes. The land of Greece is rich in history, and the hotel can provide lavish comfort to all of its guests, including those who wish to simply enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine in peace. The Amanzoe resort features dozens of Suites and Villas at its hilltop acropolis location, about a mile from the bustling resort town of Porto Heli, or guests may prefer the smaller Cabanas at the Beach Club, just a mile or so downhill to the west, directly on the blue waters of the Aegean. Transport to and from the Beach Club is provided by the hotel, and bespoke travellers will be glad to know that Amanzoe is able to serve a wide array of interests in bespoke travel arrangements.

Olives grow in endless orchards in the province of Erminida, which covers the entire peninsula. The land is rocky and sunny, and full of villages and ruins, from any of several civilizations. Amanzoe can easily arrange a bespoke journey throughout the region and beyond. If a guest would prefer to simply remain poolside and enjoy a few luxurious spa treatments, the staff can gladly help with that agenda as well. Any water sport that you can imagine will be available at the Beach Club, and the spa facilities include a yoga pavilion and watsu pool, which combines massage with heated water.

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