A luxury rural hideaway to unwind and disconnect amidst peaceful, untouched nature

Åmot luxury lodging is the essence of Fjord Norway. Traditional country living and subtle elegance combine in natural and authentic ways. Surrounded by luscious pastures and towering peaks, Åmot is embraced by the light and wind, the water and the forest. Every stylish room has its own unique charm, every cosy corner its own character, and all come together to create a bouquet of unforgettable experiences.

To stay at Åmot is to step into a painting for calm. A breathing space. A perfect pause. A time to reflect, to revitalise, and to rediscover the finer things of life.

From your dining table with Michelin chefs to the rich landscapes beyond the estate, you will learn how life in the fjords lands is built around the joys of relaxation and discovery.

Owned by Steinar G. Sørli and Yngve L. Brakstad, the Åmot Estate has been in Steinar’s family since 1885, when it was built by his great grandfather, Søren. Subsequently loved and cared for by five generations of the Sørli family, the Åmot homestead and its surrounding land stands today as testament to Sørens’s vision. For many years, Åmot was the heart of family life, but also deeply rooted in the local culture.