AndAdventure – authentic Croatia awaits

Led by Veselka Huljić, AndAdventure Croatia is a leading DMC that specializes in building high-end, soft adventure itineraries. Their team has expert knowledge in active and immersive experiences throughout Croatia. Whether exploring by land or by sea, they deliver experiences that will show your clients exactly why the Dalmatian Coast, Hinterland, and islands of Croatia are their passion. With impeccable, creative service and in-depth inside information on every detail of your trip, AndAdventure can deliver authentic, luxurious, and unique itineraries that only local experts can provide.

Their guests are individuals looking for something different; they are driven by adventure, but not the traditionally known high-energy and high-impact type of adventure, but more through experiential, sustainable, and meaningful adventure. AndAdventure provides services to tour operators and travel advisors from North America, Europe, and beyond. The company puts together carefully designed custom itineraries based on travellers’ specific needs and expectations and work collaboratively with each of their partners to achieve that goal.

Whether travelling by land or sea, their extensive itineraries incorporate local cultural immersion and active exploration. Active exploration means getting to know the beautiful Croatian scenery through a series of optional activities such as hiking, kayaking, and cycling, culinary experiences through wine tasting, and participatory cooking get a deeper insight into the fascinating cultures and gastronomic traditions of the region. Across these experiences, travellers can see firsthand how tourism can be sustainable and positively impact the environment and local communities.

The company also offers unique and hard-to-find short sailing trips on sailing yachts and catamarans for 2-3 days and week-long trips available on luxury yachts of various sizes and gullets along the exquisitely beautiful Dalmatian Coast.