AndBeyond Galapagos Explorer

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AndBeyond Galapagos Explorer - Navigating the Galapagos Islands in ultimate luxury

Established in 1991, andBeyond strives to leave our world a better place through the delivery of extraordinary travel experiences and our care of the land, wildlife and people. They are a bespoke tour operator for sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, South America and Antarctica. They also own and manage 29 lodges and camps across 3 continents, as well as a luxury expedition yacht. Together with their long-standing community and conservation development partner, Africa Foundation, they positively impact 75 communities and directly conserve their footprint of 1 million acres. Their 2030 vision is to scale their impact through partnerships to support the conservation of an associated 40 million acres of key biospheres and to double our 2020 impact investment, while offering discerning travellers a rare and authentic experience of the world as it should be.

AndBeyond's latest venture is the andBeyond Galapagos Explorer, an expeditions yacht operating on two routes in the famed Galapagos Islands. Both routes present plenty of opportunities for land and sea adventures such as snorkelling, hiking and birdwatching, as well as a plethora of unique and interesting land, air and marine species. Boasting just six suites and cabins, the yacht caters for a maximum of 12 guests, with two expert guides present on each departure. In addition to the highest level of guiding, the yacht offers beautifully appointed spacious indoor and outdoor guest areas, as well as four exquisite cabins and two luxury suites. The first departure of the andBeyond Galapagos Explorer is scheduled for 17th June 2024.