INDIA, Sri lanka, Bhutan & nepal – DESTINATION MASTER

Signature journeys within the Indian Subcontinent

Anecdotes is a leisure design company that offers a collection of curated experiences and destination services, spanning India and the Indian subcontinent including India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

As leisure designers they curate unique tours and holidays for their guests, which provide immersive, authentic classical experiences, offbeat trails, insightful cultural learning as well as luxurious and intimate stays. Their portfolio of experiences spans through various genres, from heritage, wildlife, luxury, and cruises, as well as celebrations and many adventures amongst others!

These tours are often led by storytellers including Harvard professors, culinary experts, leading photographers and historians, which provide guests with a deeper insight into the destination and preferred interest of travel. The collection is designed to be fun, authentic, fresh and explorative, keeping in mind the experiential seekers who seek an element of leisurely learning with a whole lot of joy!

The Anecdotes core team has close to a century of experience within the travel and lifestyle industry including cruise tourism, hospitality, travel design and India specialists. Furthermore, Anecdotes is a division of JourneyMart, which has been a member of the travel fraternity for over two decades.