Arcfyre International

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Arcfyre is the premium choice for protective services, risk consulting, secure passenger transportation and security training

Arcfyre International is a globally operational boutique security firm. With over 62 countries covered globally, 20 000 + operational man-days per year and 100+ combined years of experience in the industry. Arcfyre International is a member of The Arcfyre Group. The group consists of the following brands: Arcfyre International (Protective Services & Risk Consulting); Secure Drive (Secure Transportation); Altor International (Security Training).

Arcfyre has offices in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. Arcfyre’s high-tech Global Security Operations Centre’s (GSOC) mission is to provide fast, effective and valuable operationally relevant information promptly, to clients and personnel, as well as coordinating any external factors, such as law enforcement, medical services, civilian response units etc.  Arcfyre is committed to providing professional services to a large global client base. Their Protective Agents pride themselves on consistently achieving excellence in the protective services arena, both domestically and abroad.  Arcfyre’s agents are qualified and skilled in line with international industry Standards in the Close Protection industry.  Arcfyre prides themselves on having a tough pre-employment recruitment process, ensuring that all staff deployed are the right personnel for the specific role required.

Throughout all of their internal training programmes, all operational staff who excel are encouraged and rewarded. They believe that with the correct motivation, their personnel strive to improve their abilities. This, in turn, ensures Arcfyre provides high-quality services that are available globally.  Arcfyre International has high expectations when it comes to attention to detail. Their personnel are required to be proficient in protective services and are able to adapt to their environments all while ensuring platinum level customer service.