Arctic Kingdom

Plan the journey of a lifetime with Arctic Kingdom

World leaders in expeditions to the most northern reaches of the globe, Arctic Kingdom creates fully-customised private trips to the Canadian Arctic. Live the adventure of a lifetime in these frozen lands: dine at the North Pole, float above the pure white landscape in a hot air balloon or dive below the ice – the only limits are your imagination. Travel by airplane, helicopter or yacht to the furthest frontiers and witness some of the planet’s most untouched landscapes and awe-inspiring natural phenomena.

Design the itinerary that’s right for you: spend your days flying over majestic icebergs and glaciers, hiking in vast national parks and kayaking along the coast of Baffin Island, or watch narwhals and beluga at the floe edge and see polar bears and their cubs in their natural habitat.

In the evenings, comfortable lodging, gourmet meals, and local delicacies await – all with front row seats for the magical Northern Lights.

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