ArTravele Sri Lanka


ArTravele, the artisans of bespoke journeys around Sri Lanka

ArTravele is your go-to artisan in travel around Sri Lanka, for a curated luxury masterpiece. The bespoke journeys will indulge your every whim and fancy, whilst the recommended hideaways are the crème de la crème the island has to offer, and they will ensure your stay in the tropics will be full of memories you will never forget. Whatever you are looking for – be it a bit of pampering or a full sensory experience of the colorful isle – the company can make this yearning a reality. The little isle is jam-packed with a variety of environments; all within a stone’s throw of one another. From cool tea plantations to warm beaches and dense virgin forests, Sri Lanka has something for everyone visiting. Take a journey within the island and experience the diversity of the destinations. With a wide variety of options to choose from, ArTravele offers its visitors a luxurious escape from the bustling island life, for a short respite before beginning your journey through the island once more. Whether you wish to be pampered in your personal bungalow, sleep beneath the stars, or prefer to have a suite with modern amenities to make you feel at home, ArTravele has just what you’re looking for.

Most important, however, is also to know that you are in the best hands when choosing to travel with ArTravele. After all, as the high-end, bespoke brand of Walkers Tours, itself a subsidiary of John Keells Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerate, the team at ArTravele can rely on and reach out to a tremendously vast network of contacts and partners to make the difference. ArTravele is a luxury lifestyle brand that listens, understands the high-end market and aligns every experience to enrich the senses. For those longing for the best of both worlds, ArTravele is perfectly equipped to design a most memorable, curated journey around Sri Lanka with a stay on a paradise-like atoll in the Maldives.