Atlantic Villa Camps Bay

Atlantic Villa Camps Bay, excitement at the foot of the Table Mountain

At the southern tip of Africa, the nation of South Africa straddles two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. There the city of Cape Town stands a few miles north of the rugged southernmost point of the continent, the Cape of Good Hope, with its beautiful headlands. All along the coast where Cape Town’s excellent harbor resides, mountains reach out ragged peaks, and the international landmark, Table Mountain, presides above the city. At the very foot of Table Mountain, there is a small and secluded bay, where the waves of the Atlantic gently wash the creamy sands of Camps Bay Beach, named for an early Dutch settler of the region, Frederick Von Kamptz. About halfway up the foothills of Table Mountain, with a view of the ocean and beach and surrounding peaks that stretch beneath a blue African sky, is the beautiful boutique hotel, the Atlantic Villa Camps Bay.

Atlantic Villa Camps Bay is a hillside mansion clad in bright beige, standing three stories tall, and offering a five-minute walk to the beach and a ten-minute drive to the heart of Cape Town. Operated by Ian and Sally Merrington since 2001, Atlantic Villa is a small operation with a powerful commitment to providing the ultimate in luxury furnishings to its clientele. Perfect for honeymoons, situated in a natural amphitheater, and offering bespoke tours of the entire region, Atlantic Suites Camps Bay is one of the most heralded five-star hotels and resorts in Cape Town, a city between two oceans.

A Mansion Made for Sky, Sea, and Mountains

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