Autentico Hotels

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Authentic Hotels, a collection of uniquely Italian luxury hotels

Autentico Hotels is a collection of independent family-owned and run luxury Italian hotels. Autentico Hotels are ideal destinations for any inspired traveller. Each one of the jewels in the collection shines with a passion for hospitality and a love for spoiling their guests. At Autentico, they select our member hotels based on their unique attributes and their potential to create memorable experiences.

Italy is truly a magical place, endowed with an intrinsic sense of romance that flows through the mountains to the sea, lakes, and cities. Every spectacular view feels as if it were painted by a Matisse of nature. At Autentico they strive to enhance each visit to Italy with a stay at one of the hotels while the guest discovers the richness of the destination through its history, the arts, and culture. The Autentico properties always welcome their guests to enjoy all the beauty in sharing their own regional treasures, food, local lifestyle, and traditions. Their one-of-a-kind hotels exist in uncommonly beautiful places and they pride themselves in the diversity of their luxurious hotels and spa resorts. The Autentico Hotel Collection offers a guide to some of Italy’s most authentic and fascinating off the beaten path locales.