Awei Pila

Awei Pila, a secluded tropical paradise amidst untouched nature

All of those who are seeking for a slice of private tropical paradise should check out Awei Pila. This luxurious resort is located on a faraway island in the mysterious Mergui Archipelago. For years, this intricate Myanmar archipelago of about 800 atolls, coral reefs, and islands was inaccessible to visitors. Thus it has stayed largely untouched by the 21st century which makes Awei Pila a perfect holiday getaway.

The remote island of Pila is located about 50 nautical miles away from the nearest port. It has 10 majestic beaches that are yet to be explored. The island is also the home to a variety of animals that roam freely in the region and the atmosphere in the local village will make you forget it’s the 21st century. There are no large hotels, sprawling resorts, or nightlife that might spoil your privacy. Quite the contrary, Awei Pila features 24 tented villas that blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Each villa is spacious and comfortable with a private terrace that gives you an amazing view of the jungle and the sea. On the other hand, there are plenty of things to do at the resort. You can take campfire dinners, go on fishing trips, or unwind at the spa. But you should surely go snorkeling or diving to enjoy the abundant sea life of the region.

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