Azerai La Residence, Hue

Azerai La Residence, an art deco treasure in Hue

Located on the south bank of the iconic Perfume River in the former Vietnamese imperial capital Hue, La Residence is a hotel truly worthy of royalty. It emanates a distinct charm, providing a special feel of a colonial mansion with a subtle touch of art deco. Combine that with high-end facilities and a tropical garden that surrounds the area, and you get a holiday getaway unlike any other.

Of the 122 rooms this landmark boutique hotel offers, 73 most exclusive rooms have been completely redesigned to exude Azerai’s alluring aesthetics and elegance. La Residence also sports a fully renovated spa to pamper your body and soul with some of the best treatments that combine Western and Eastern traditions.

The luxurious upgrades did not stop at the rooms and the spa. Le Gouverneur, the hotel’s classy bar, has been moved to the ells of this historic architectural masterpiece to provide a better place for you to enjoy the surrounding garden. In addition, Le Parfum, the hotel’s restaurant known for its selection of first-class regional delicacies and carefully prepared Western dishes, has also undergone renovations to mirror the exceptional opulence of all other venues.

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