Azura Quilalea

Azura Quilalea – A private island paradise within Mozambique’s stunning Quirimbas Archipelago

A private island of extraordinary beauty, Quilalea is part of the Quirimbas archipelago and the only inhabited landmass for miles around.

With four beaches shared by nine spacious sea front cottages, guests can almost always find a crescent of sand to themselves. Built from wood, stone and rope they blend into the island surroundings and sea breezes blow across their shady verandas and through the large windows to cool the mosquito net-draped beds.

A place where castaway fantasies play out, guests of Qualilea wander barefoot under giant baobabs, paddle through serene mangrove forests, picnic on desert islands, and feast on succulent, freshly caught crayfish. The vivid reef just off the main beach allows guests to snorkel from sunup to sundown, or explore deep walls and drop-offs with the onsite dive centre. At certain times of year humpback whales are seen offshore; at others, turtles heave themselves on to the beaches to nest, and sighting pods of playful dolphins is a possibility at any time.

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