Balloons Over Bagan

Balloons Over Bagan Enriches the Imagination

The historical city of Bagan overflows with the ancient wonders of Myanmar. A land that once held over ten thousand pagodas or stupas, monasteries, and Buddhist temples, Bagan has retained more than two thousand of this relic since the 14th century. A trip to this exotic region of the world would not be complete without experiencing the genuine grandeur of these religious monuments. For the finest luxury tour adventure, Eastern Safaris offers their bespoke Balloons Over Bagan flying safari. Since 1999, this family-owned operation has been sweeping visitors off their feet and into the clouds to experience the breathtaking views of Burma and its architecture. Offering classic and premium flight services, Balloons Over Bagan delivers a treasured flight to each of its privileged guests. While taking part in the classic flight plan, each journey begins with collection from your hotel of choice in the area. Guests will travel to the launch site on charmingly rustic vintage buses. Once everyone has arrived at the launch site, a light continental breakfast is served to coincide with the safety lecture. At this point, guests are ready to board their balloon and experience Burma from the finest angles possible. After soaring over and around the precious temples and monuments of the region the balloon will land and a luxury champagne picnic is served.

The premium service offered by Balloons Over Bagan includes all of the magic of the classic service, with added privacy and amenities. Instead of flying in a larger basket with a larger group of guests, the premium service will only take 4 couples into the air at a time. Each couple has their own private compartment within the basket, offering a more intimate and magical experience. While the balloon is being inflated, the pilot will give guests an interactive tour of the balloon and its workings. After the flight and picnic have ended, the pilot will present a parting gift to each of the premium service guests.

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