The Baracija estate gives a new meaning to the word magic

Stanzia Baracija brings the luxury experience to a new dimension. Set on five acres of the family-owned property in the heart of the Istrian peninsula and 12 miles from the Adriatic Sea, the estate is surrounded by organic vineyards, olive groves, and lush Mediterranean vegetation. The estate belongs to the New York family with Croatian roots, passionate art collectors, and wine connoisseurs. They fell in love with Baracija and revived it through thoughtful and meticulous renovation to its past glory and charm. The original house and its history have been carefully preserved during the renovation, using locally sourced wood and stone - the original materials that built a thousand years of Istrian history.

With a rustic Istrian charm, the main house can accommodate ten people through four floors connected with an elevator. The guesthouse offers complete privacy in a more contemporary ambiance and modern design with its three suites for six people. Every piece of furniture, signed by world-famous designers, is carefully chosen and perfectly fits the house. The estate boasts a swimming pool, recreation area, patios, and an outer dining area. Each of these areas is designed to ensure maximum privacy and enjoyment.

Baracija invites you to a refined and elegant holiday with superior service, unique amenities, and high-quality accommodation.