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Baraza evokes the heritage of Zanzibar dating back to the era of the Sultans

Located at one of the most beautiful beaches in East Africa, Baraza Resort and Spa offers a special flair of opulence, Zanzibar style.

This all-inclusive boutique resort features only 30 luxurious villas, each of which offers a unique taste of Zanzibar cultural heritage. You will be amazed by the villa’s architecture which combines Indian, Arabic, and African design to deliver accommodations worthy of the Sultans. In addition, the villas feature handmade furniture, antiques, and hand-carved details from the local craftsmen.

But the eye-catching architecture is not the only thing that makes this resort special. Baraza offers four different venues to enjoy a unique menu that combines Eastern and African cuisines. In the evenings, you can leisurely sip cocktails at the Dhahabu Bar & Lounge right next to the beautiful Baraza swimming pool. If you choose to have an active holiday, Baraza resort caters to that as well. Enjoy the underwater wildlife at the Rising Sun Dive Centre and take one of the low tide activities at the Water Club. The Baraza Swahili Experience, on the other hand, provides a chance to get a better insight into the cultural and historic heritage of Zanzibar.