La Bastide de Marie

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A Magical Hideaway in Provence at La Bastide de Marie

Nestled in the undulating vineyards of the Domaine de Marie estate, La Bastide de Marie provides worldly travellers with idyllic luxury and boutique hospitality charm. Centred in the Menerbes village of France, this Provencal property boasts the romance and intrigue that are always associated with the region. Guests will enjoy classic views of the French countryside, from the lush greenery of the spring to the freshly powdered snows during winter.

With a mere 15 guest rooms and suites, travellers are welcomed into a home away from home while on holiday in Provence. So few rooms within such a grand estate lend to the overall feeling of propriety and luxury that is ever-present inside La Bastide de Marie. Classic Guest Rooms proffer quaint Provencal charm, with eclectic accoutrements and subtle colouring, while the Bastide Bedrooms are a one of a kind jewel, each with its own character and panache.

The six stunning Marie Suites provide the ultimate in opulence, from their intricate stonework to their delicate floral arrangements. Each suite blends diaphanous linens with hand-worked wrought iron and the most luxe upholsteries. For a holiday that is truly magical, guests may choose to stay in the Villa Grenache, an exclusive, secluded home located on the La Bastide de Marie Hotel property. The elegant and subtle décor is nothing less than sorcerous, transporting guests to a time when nobility was the epitome of wealth.