Bawah Reserve

At Bawah Reserve, unwind in an exclusive eco-resort in pristine environment

To stay at Bawah Island is to experience a corner of the planet completely untouched by modern civilisation. A cluster of five islands and three crystal clear aquamarine lagoons, with a total of 13 beaches, Bawah was totally uninhabited prior to the opening of this low-impact eco-resort. The resort welcomes a maximum of 70 guests who stay in elegant tented safari suites overlooking the beach, or in overwater bungalows and plant-shrouded garden suites.

Despite the remote location, halfway between the Malay Peninsula and Borneo, the exclusive island resort boasts three bars, an Asian-fusion restaurant, a beachfront infinity pool, and a wellness centre offering yoga, pilates, reiki, and meditation as well as a spa. The pristine environment is the real luxury here, however. One can hike through the lush primary rainforest that covers the islands’ steep slopes, snorkel over iridescent reefs or simply find a crescent of white sand: there’s a good chance you will have it all to yourself.

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