Live your dream trip to the Italian Riviera with BeautifuLiguria

BeautifuLiguria is a boutique incoming tour operator, local specialist for Liguria, aka the Italian Riviera and the surrounding regions where they can guarantee the same level of deep personal knowledge such as Piedmont, Milan, Lake Como and the Italian Lakes, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Venice.

BeautifuLiguria proposes high-quality tours and authentic experiences designed to make people travel deeper. They help luxury travel agents, and tour operators discover secret gems and unique activities that will make their clients’ holidays unforgettable.

Their aim is to offer immersive experiences, far from mass tourism, making their guests discover the authentic soul of the territories they visit. They are a team of local experts and personally handpick, try, and many times create from scratch all that they propose, choosing the best for their guests in terms of hospitality and authenticity, always avoiding uninspired touristic options.

They believe small details make a big difference. That’s why BeautifuLiguria is proud to be a boutique company with the ability to fully dedicate attention to its guests' holiday plans, giving them all the care they deserve. All of their experiences and trips are private and bespoke. They aim for quality rather than quantity.

Travelling with BeautifuLiguria is a sustainable travel choice because they value local connections. Avoiding tourist traps, they highlight and support the work of local and independent entrepreneurs that excel at what they do. They strive to enhance their efforts to preserve and improve the quality and traditions of their territories.