Bela Vista Hotel & Spa


Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, on oasis with an oceanfront view

Located on the top of a cliff with a panoramic view of the beach and the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, an immaculately white classical villa, stands out on the coast of the western Algarve and occupies a place apart in the region’s hotel panorama.

This boutique hotel in Praia da Rocha is a contemporary project that combines all the modern conveniences of the very best hotels with a dash of 20th-century charm. Gastronomy, as Vista, the Michelin-starred restaurant fronted by Chef João Oliveira, reveals, is a key ingredient. As is health and well-being, the driving impetus behind the Spa, associated with the renowned French brand L’Occitane. All of these elements combine to make a stay at Bela Vista an unforgettable experience.

The Bela Vista experience starts as soon as guests open the gate and enter this sea-facing oasis, where the clarity of the light, the tones of the sky and the sea, and the beauty of the house provide the backdrop for a perfect stay.