BEYOND by Geisel

germany – SLEEP MASTER

BEYOND by Geisel feels like your home in Munich

This contemporary architectural masterpiece stands as one of the most luxurious hotels in downtown Munich. It is located at the legendary Marienplatz, which allows you to have an exceptional view of the St. Peter’s church and the town hall. BEYOND by Geisel sports 19 lavishly furnished rooms. They are a perfect place to relax and get some privacy. But if you fancy some company of like-minded people, head out to one of the three open spaces in the hotel. The living room is a true highlight. It features a glass atrium and there are bookshelves from floor to ceiling. Make sure to check out the art installation by Daniel Canogar in the library. It is designed to interact with the guests and transform video into unique floating art.

If you feel peckish around midnight the hotel’s culinary team will be happy to prepare a snack for you. In fact, tasty food and beverages are included 24/7 when booking the culinary package. The open kitchen feels just like home and you can make a special order to fit your diet. In addition, BEYOND by Geisel offers a top-of-the-line guest experience.

Friendly hosts are at your disposal around the clock. They will guide you to some of the hidden gems in Munich and provide assistance even before you arrive.