&Beyond Mnemba Island

Look beyond the ordinary at &Beyond Mnemba Island

Off the coast of Zanzibar, the tropical island paradise that is Mnemba Island transforms life’s simplest pleasures into a guest’s most treasured memories. Here, white sandy beaches, clear ocean water, and casuarina pine forests are the backdrops for a romantic and relaxing stay. Guests literally have the beach at their doorstep while staying at &Beyond Mnemba Island. The palm-frond guest bandas are furnished with soft, natural fabrics and traditional woodcarvings so as not to take away from the striking scenery. Large windows and open-air spaces encourage guests to take in the ever-changing skyline.

With only ten guest bandas, there is a maximum of twenty guests on &Beyond Mnemba Island at any given time. This means that visitors never have to worry about a crowded beach or inattentive staff. In fact, a private butler awaits guests at each banda. The only possible intruders on this exclusive island are the bountiful, beautiful wild animals that roam the pristine forest. Exploring the Indian Ocean provides even more opportunities to observe remarkable wild animals. Humpback whales, sharks, and dolphins can be observed in the ocean depths. Large fish such as mackerel, barracuda, and martin are also present. The most colourful sea creatures, though, are the tropical reef-dwelling fish. There are coral reefs so close to the island that a boat ride isn’t even required to reach them. Snorkeling is wonderful at Mnemba, as is scuba diving. After completing the scuba training offered by &Beyond Mnemba Island, guests can go on exciting underwater adventures.


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