BIJAL Resort


BIJAL Resort, where luxury and play unite!

BIJAL is not your typical villa-type hotel; they are the exquisite hosts on a journey of imagination and self-discovery. At BIJAL, they believe in the transformative power of play, and their aim is to infuse every part of one's travel experience with joy and luxury.

As such, BIJAL is an artful playground, curated by a team of passionate individuals who celebrate the power of play. They are your trusted hosts, there to welcome families, nuclear families, three generations, and single parents with children. They bring warmth, sophistication, and innovation to create memorable moments that allow you to be your most authentic self.

Located in Turkey, here the coastal charms embrace luxury, so be ready to embark on a journey into a world where every villa is a secluded paradise, harmoniously blending the epitome of comfort and lavish indulgence. It's certainly a haven that redefines luxury, with four different featuring 1 to 4 rooms respectively, along with roomy living spaces, luxurious kitchen, and a private pool or garden.