Bonvido, the Dominican experts

Bonvido is made up of a team of passionate characters with a desire to offer a genuine "local" feel of the Dominican Republic to the world. The company's vision started from a joint goal of finally demonstrating the beauty of the island of Quisqueya; (pronounced Kiskeya) which means "Mother of all lands" in the Taíno language, who were the indigenous people inhabiting when the Spanish arrived, thus making it the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Americas. The Dominican Republic is blessed with both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the planet's most diverse countries in geography, culture and people. With countless species of flora and fauna, multicultural backgrounds and Caribbean flavoured gastronomy, curious travellers will never shy of beautiful sights and tastes, all within a 3-hour drive.

Bonvido aims to remain a boutique inbound travel design company that focuses on authentic experiences across the island. It is all about its people, their stories and how their personalities contribute to making our guests' journey an unforgettable one. Allow the Dominican people to charm you through their laid-back demeanour and dance "al ritmo de la tambora" (to the beat of the drums) the local merengue, bachata and son. This combines the essence that makes Dominicans. The belief within the Bonvido team is that Luxury is different to each individual, and as the Dominican Republic’s slogan well states "it has it all".