Singita Boulders Lodge

Boulders Lodge, a special place in the Wilderness

Along the Sand River, in the northeast part of South Africa, lies the privately held Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Created by Singita, the Sabi Sands lies just west of the centre of the Kruger National Park, one of the largest parks in the world. Here Singita has erected one of Africa’s finest examples of luxury accommodations in rugged settings, the Boulders Lodge. The Boulders Lodge offers guests an outstanding view of the Sand River and the surrounding veldt provides a true feeling of wild Africa, especially as the sun sets amidst the baobabs in the distance. The hotel is designed to incorporate the raw materials of the region in its construction, giving your surroundings a rustic feel, while the finest suites of the continent ensure that your stay is entirely restful and pleasurable.

The trees, shrubs, and grasslands of the Kruger are called the veldt, and this huge parkland is filled with countless herds of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife. At Boulders Lodge, you will be able to go eye to eye with the incredible wildlife native to the area, perhaps without even leaving your luxurious suite. Every day, the Lodge will offer game drives. Strong and sturdy 4×4 Land Rovers will be ready to head out into the veldt and explore the area, in search of the amazing animals that make Africa such an ecological paradise. Your highly professional guides will be able to escort you along the river in safety, and both predators and prey will be easily found. For more active travelers, Guided Safari Walks are also available when requested.


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