Ca 'di Dio


A place to the live Venetian charm with an exclusive look into the secrets of the aquatic city

Ca 'di Dio is located in a privileged position: the brand new 5-star hotel is found between the “Classic” Venice of San Marco and the entrance of the Arsenale area, known as the city’s design district, a place linked to the paths of contemporary art, culture, and entertainment of “Biennale” exhibition. This unique location allows guests to experience a suspended atmosphere, far enough from the tourist hustle and bustle, but just as close to the heart of the city.

The hotel was born from the transformation of a historic building by the internationally renowned architect Patricia Urquiola and the result is an original concept that expresses a contemporaneity deeply linked to the fabric of the city. Each architectural and decorative element is the result of the work of skilled master craftsmen that guarantees a strong connection to the Venetian tradition. The wonderful internal courtyards and the typical Venetian roof terraces, the “Altane”, enhance the wonder of a stay at Ca 'di Dio.