Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa

Dream the Ibizan dream awake at the Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa

Nestled amid thousand-year-old olive trees on a picturesque plain between Sant Miquel and Santa Gertrudis, the Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa in Ibiza regales travellers with a fine blend of luxury accommodations, serene natural surroundings, fine Mediterranean dining, and personalized travel experiences. For travellers in search of the authentic Ibiza, Ca Na Xica proves a beguiling destination.

Ca Na Xica greets visitors with a breathtaking walkway that follows along and spectacular sapphire pool, with the main building of the hotel, dove white, with elegant Moorish influences, rising quietly in the background, creating an effect akin to that of a miniature Taj Mahal. But this is Ibiza, and the infusion of sunlight, the fresh breeze from the sea, and the quiet serenity in the air are all that separate you from entering the sumptuous hotel. You can choose to stay either at one of the four exuberant rooms located in the hotel’s main building, or in one of the luxurious Premier Suites that form a charming miniature town left of the main house. Sharing the same high-end amenities, a fine blend of natural and modern materials, and attention to detail, the rooms convey the tradition of Ibiza in great style.

Dazzlingly beautiful and deeply rejuvenating, the Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa creates a serene and fulfilling experience for couples, bringing together the natural beauty of the Ibizan climate with the comfort of sumptuous rooms and the quiet joy of fine dining to provide a rich and unforgettable retreat or holiday destination.

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