Cal Reiet

Feel like a Little King at Cal Reiet

If Cal Reiet were a musical composition, it would have a very gentle, completely quiet pitch… Set in beautifully lush Mediterranean gardens in the southeast of the island of Mallorca, Cal Reiet is a unique, authentic hideaway housed in a manor house dating back to 1881 and situated on the edge of the village of Santanyi. Despite the fact that there are only about 300 meters from the village to the property, but you still have the feeling that it is far away. Sufficiently far away to provide its guests with moments in which they experience one thing above all: themselves.

There are houses where you can feel the DNA of their history. Cal Reiet is such a house. Built as a summer residence of the Catalan shipowner family Escalas, it was a place of great and small love affairs, musical soirees, and poetry slams – in a building untypical for Mallorca. Its symmetrical arrangement of the windows, the square floor plan on three levels, is more reminiscent of an Italian villa. In the tower of the building, today is a charming suite, allowing a view in all directions.

Gently and finely modernised, in reverence of its history, Cal Reiet has evolved in time. The lower floor is now largely open. On the right, behind the entrance, a large old map from the seafaring family decorates the wall of the reception. White high walls and fabrics in natural colours such as light grey and sand impart sublime transparency to the house. It is reinforced by the winter garden at the back of the hotel.

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